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Someone suggested I put together a list of all the local apps I use so I’ve listed them below. Any local app I should be using which isn’t on the list? Let me know!

NBK: They’re my bank and so I don’t have an option except to use their app but it’s actually a pretty good one. Quick to login with just my fingerprint, the app looks good and I can perform all my banking from within it. The only thing I can’t do is add new beneficiaries for money transfers. I still need to login to their website and add it from there the old fashioned way.

Talabat: Not a big fan of talabat, not a big fan of their app either. I literally have it installed and use it just so I could order from CHKN. That’s it.

Carriage: Although they charge a KD1 delivery charge, it’s the only way to order from some of my favorite places like JOA and DOH! Plus you can track the status of your order and watch the delivery guy get lost on your way to your house via GPS tracking.

MyFatoorah: I use this app to invoice clients and sometimes friends. Easier than having people add me as a beneficiary to their bank account, they can just transfer money to me by paying me with Knet.

Xcite: I don’t use the app to shop from, but more as tool whenever I am trying to find out the price of an item locally.

4Sale: Worst app design but also the only way to access the best classifieds website in Kuwait. I tend to just use it to flip through the cars category always looking for something interesting on sale.

Klean: It’s a laundry service app but they also clean sneakers so I only tend to use this app when I need my sneakers cleaned.

Alive Yoga: Since I’m a member at Alive, I use the app to check the schedule of classes and to sign up. It’s pretty good plus once you sign up, the app can add your class to your phone calendar so you don’t forget.

Other Notable Mentions:

SnappCard: Used to be one of my favorite apps but after their last update, they now force you to review your previous order before you can use the app again. Imagine if Talabat did this, forced you to review a restaurant every time after placing an order and not allowing you to use the app until you do. I deleted the app obviously.

Burgan Bank: Also my bank, terrible app, looks like something from the 90s. Very limited with what I can do in the app but thankfully they recently added fingerprint login and so one positive thing about it.

Go Tap: I used to use this app to buy iTunes cards from before I connected my iTunes account directly to my US credit card.

iBadala: A phone directory app, rarely use it anymore since I just google things but it’s still on my phone just in case.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    The Avenues – to find a specific shop location compared to my nearest shop

    Kuwait Finder – arabic search, but has every shop, even the barber near my house. (civil id information for all businesses)

    Og Money KW (Formerly Payit) – pay my phone bill or someone else

  2. Safa says:

    hi, previously you had some app where we could complain about the bad roads in the area for the municipality to come fix it. is that app active or any other app


  3. meh says:

    Bookr : Salon appointments
    Kuwait Finder : Locations that cannot be found on Maps

    Looking at the apps mentioned in the post and comments, I wish Kuwait was more creative and innovative when it came to app development. Imagine if someone from the young devs made the next big thing instead of apps for already existing services.

  4. vampire says:

    i use the first three

  5. Anyone know an app, or a website, that I can use to pay my Viva bill using a US credit card? Apparently Viva and all third party services I’ve tried fail to process the transaction.

  6. Fatimah says:

    i use Urban moon occasionally

  7. Big Z says:

    Bilbayt is a cool app if ur having a gathering.

  8. Burhan says:

    Mark, how about a post on the apps you use everyday, to manage your blog, photos, etc. Might make for a good post.

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