Hamleys Opening in Gate Mall

Hamleys, the UK toy retailer is opening up their first store in Kuwait at Gate Mall. They were originally meant to open back in 2012 but for some reason that never happened. Not sure why they’d open in Gate Mall first, I always assumed it would be in Avenues.

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Gate Mall is quite a nice mall, when I went to it the first time I was surprised on how neat and nice it looked, and they pretty much have all the good restaurants and stores

The traffic situation in those inner streets between the gate mall and the other 3 malls in that area is atrocious…..takes 30mins to cross a 100m,,,,dont know who thought it would be a good idea to put 4 malls in one area

Are you referencing this because India was a colony of Britain. If that’s the case then its in bad taste to India as whole.

There’s something else about the Hamleys store in High Street Phoenix, Mumbai. Walking into that store feels like sheer magic.

Being barren ourselves, we have often borrowed a child or two from our friends when we swing by that part of town. Its charm is electric and never fails to rekindle the child in us.

And no, Hamleys doesnt feel one bit like an Indian brand not in the sense of a Forest Essentials or a fab india store.

Besides, how does brand ownership matter anyway ?
Both Jaguar and Range Rover are Indian owned – have been for sometime now…that doesnt change anything with the way you feel owning and driving around in a Range Rover or a Jag, does it now ?

Sara – I went to one of their stores in India, its way better than the Fantasy World or Baroe in Kuwait.

The Avenues already has like 4 toy stores; Fantasy World, Toys R Us, Lego Store, Kidz Utopia. But with this logic, there’s like a million cafes, so what’s one more toy store?

Does anyone even buy toys any more? I can’t remember the last time my kids asked for a toy, all they do is play games on the phone or PS4.

I recommend parking across the street in the dirt parking lot and crossing the street to the mall, you will avoid all the traffic and chaos in that little parking area between the 10 malls.

I’m pretty sure with the hit the toy industry took and Toys R Us bankruptcy because of the e-commerce and Amazon, they can’t afford being in the avenues especially with Fantasy World well established there.

Its always interesting to know what business came before it- I mean what shuttered to make way for Nita Ambani’s Hamleys store at the Gate Mall ?

For me, Kids R Us always felt like Fantasy World in a way that FW could not ever live up to its name. As for Toys R Us, it was a damp squib from the get go. I have more regard for the Waleed Toystore of my childhood days on Salem Mubarak street than I do for the current crop of toy stores which merely exist well beyond their sell by dates.

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