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Kids ‘r’ Us Catalog

I found a seller on Instagram that had a Kids ‘r’ Us catalog for sale. Kids ‘r’ Us was the largest and most popular toy store in Kuwait back in the 80s but during the 1990 invasion the store got burned down. After the invasion, a smaller location opened up in old Salmiya and that later closed down and was turned into X-cite.

The catalog had already been sold for KD50 but the pictures were still up and they brought back a lot of memories. KD50 sounds expensive and it is, but anything Kids ‘r’ Us related is near impossible to find so you’ll always have collectors willing to pay that much.

There is actually someone on eBay selling the Centurions Walkie-talkie pictured in the catalog above for 35KD brand new in the box. Please buy it before I do! Check out the rest of the catalog pages below.

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that’s just more than nostalgia…it was the best toys market around . I guess nothing was made in china at that time. The sheer joy of going weekend to Kid’r”Us was over the top. I remember once Kuwait Times announced that the Knight Rider model was available. It was “5” KD, took time convince Dad to get one…though the model didnt actually end being the replica of the series but still …Happy Times !!! Thanks Mark for the snaps \m/

I bought this model – the Knight Rider – every kid raved about it! It was a DIY plastic assembly set that you had to break the parts of and glue together.

I was expecting the turbo boost….hehe the over expectations of a knight rider fan. was a bit disappointed about the DIY set

Whoah! MASK and Ceturions… they used to sell it there also? Awesome!

if anyone still have their old Centuriions and MASK toys and wanna sell it..let me know guys.

I remember when the store opened they had an advert published in an Arabic newspaper, one of the toys shown was a Mattel Knight Rider K2000 car (from the popular TV series). I’ve only been once or twice to the store, sadly when I went there was no sign of the Knight Rider, probably went out of stock…

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