Kuwait Airways Launches Electronic Boarding Pass, but Not in Kuwait

Last week, Kuwait Airways launched the Electronic Boarding Pass feature, but oddly, not for Kuwait. It’s pretty strange, I thought it might be because the immigration department needed a physical boarding pass to stamp, but even if you’re just transiting, Kuwait Airways is requiring a physical pass.

On the bright side, it does mean I can now fly out of Dubai a lot more conveniently. One of the disadvantages of flying with Kuwait Airways over Emirates was the fact I had to wait in a queue at the Kuwait Airways check-in desk to get my boarding pass. Now I can just get the digital one when I check in online and then zip through the E-gate as soon as I get to the airport. No waiting in line to check in, and no waiting in line for immigration.

To find out which airports accept the Kuwait Airways E-Pass, click here.

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Does anyone know why Online check-in doesn’t work in Kuwait. It seems like it might be a government issue, where they don’t want us to check in online.

Is Emirates still having the electronic boarding pass feature? Haven’t flown on EK for over 3 years but I see all websites related to their mobile app boarding pass simply say “will be back soon”.

I know, QR has a fully functional boarding pass available on Apple Wallet, so does Saudia and Oman, in terms of GCC Carriers.

Civil aviation is currently in discussions with MOI to launch the Electronic Boarding Pass in KWI hopefully before year end.

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