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Free Roaming VR with Zero Latency

Last week Apple unveiled their VisionPro VR headset and a couple of days later I ended up experiencing free roam VR and so now I’m really excited about the future.

If you don’t know what free roam VR is, it’s virtual reality in a large room in which you can walk around and navigate freely in. Unlike conventional VR, you’re not just wearing a VR headset and sitting in a chair or standing in one spot, instead you’re walking or running around a room in both the real world and in VR. As a Star Trek fan, the best way to describe it is like being on the holodeck.

I was never able to experience VR properly before due to the fact it would cause me motion sickness. So, when an old friend got in touch with me and invited me to try his new free roam VR business, I was hesitant to go. But he promised me I wouldn’t get motion sickness and he turned out to be right. Zero Latency is an entertainment franchise specializing in multiplayer VR gaming. It’s a cordless experience where you put on the headset and carry a weapon without having to be connected to anything in the room. The room itself is fairly large at 12x12m and the games you get to play take advantage of this.

We played two games, the first was a zombie shooter that took place inside an arena. I’ve been playing video games since the early 80s and from the thousands of games I’ve played they never felt like this. I felt like I was inside the game. Being able to run around to the other side of the room to help my friend shoot up some zombies, and then run back to the other side of the arena to ward off an attack was so much fun, I wasn’t just controlling a character inside a video game, I was that character.

The second game we played was Far Cry VR, one of my favorite video game franchises. This game was a completely different in style since it mostly took place in the jungle and in a larger world. The games mechanics helped enhance that open area feeling because for the first level of the game took place in a small 5x5m area where we were taking cover while shooting the enemies. Once we finished from there the game would make us walk to another area which was say 10x10m. When done we would then walk to another area and that kept happening every level so the game felt really large and so did the real world space.

I had a blast and time just flew by. I thought the first game was 5 minutes long and the second 15, in reality it turned out we played the first game for 15mins and the second for 30. That’s how much fun and immersive the experience. I actually kept thinking about the whole experience for days later. There was a part of Far Cry where I walked to an edge of a cliff and saw a beautiful view and it got me thinking about the potential of the Apple VisionPro once it comes out. It’s very exciting time to be alive.

Zero Latency is located at the new Al Andalus complex in Hawally. Prices start from KD6 and each game can handle up to 8 people. For more information and to book here is the link. They’re also on Instagram @zerolatencyvrkw

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I tried something similiar a few years ago in a place called “The Void”, in Dubai. It was a Ghostbusters experience, and they also used wind and vibrations in certain parts of the rooms you walk through, to make it even more immesrive. It was great!

I agree with you, “It’s very exciting time to be alive”, as we are heading into the future with groundbreaking technologies. However, the VisionPro will not be as you expect when it comes out.. let me explain..

I’m not an apple user, never liked apple products since day one, however, I’m fascinated by apple’s ingenuity and their foresight into the future. Apple has always been known for its premium products which reflects its advanced technology and craftsmanship.

With all the VR Consoles currently in the market, Apple will never think of creating something to compete with any other, They have created a new Category of consoles in which they will build up upon in the future.. a person might say $3,500 for a headset that doesn’t have controllers, semi standalone (tethered to a 2-hour life battery) and not even being announced as a VR device, but think of it as an invention.. similar to when Apple has Created its first iPhone without an AppStore, or the first computer coming without a mouse, it’s simply Apple with its ingenuity. The success of the VisionPro ultimately lies in the hands of developers and their expertise which will be crucial in unlocking the true potential of this device.

The VisionPro is not a device you can play on (yet), for gaming headsets, there are multiple devices on the market that offer immersive gaming experiences with advanced controllers and dedicated gaming features. However, Apple’s VisionPro takes a different approach altogether. It aims to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and bridge the gap between virtual and augmented reality.

While the VisionPro may not be positioned as a traditional gaming headset, its potential extends far beyond the realm of gaming. Apple’s vision for this device is to create a powerful tool for professionals, creators, and innovators across various industries. It’s a device that offers a new way to experience and interact with digital content, opening up a world of possibilities.

The VisionPro may not fit the mold of traditional gaming headsets, it represents Apple’s ambition to redefine how we interact with technology. Its advanced technology, intuitive interactions, and focus on professional applications set it apart from the competition. With the right support from developers and a growing ecosystem of applications, the VisionPro has the potential to reshape industries and pave the way for a new era of mixed reality experiences. Apple’s ingenuity and foresight are once again on display, and it will be fascinating to see how this device evolves and influences the future of technology and how will rival tech industries will compete with it, Yes, It’s very exciting time to be alive.

*Sorry for the long post*

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