Caramel Bakery is Back with a New Look

I’ve been a Caramel customer since the early 2000s, they’ve always been my favorite place to pick up cakes from so I was a bit lost when they closed down for renovation. But, they’re now back and with a brand new very minimal and stunning look that was designed by @atelierazizalqatami.

Caramel originally opened back in 2001 and is run by a mother and daughter. The original store was in Kuwait City but later moved to Bneid Al Qar, where it currently remains. The redesigned space now has a very Japanese design aesthetic, characterized with a monochromic color palette. I imagine the new monochrome look is deliberate so that all the attention is drawn to the cakes.

They just reopened a couple of days ago with all our old favorite cakes, but they’re going to be introducing some new items as well next week. They’re also on Instagram @caramel_kuwait

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“The cakes do carry a rather notable price tag, but it’s fascinating to think that one could procure the essential ingredients and skillfully craft ten delectable cakes for the same amount.”

You think its fascinating that it costs a business less to produce an item than what they sell it for? How did you think business worked? In any case it sucks that you never eat out, you’re missing out on life.

I love stingy people, they help drive prices down, similar to how vocal vegans drive meat prices down for us meat lovers. What scares me is how these stingy people would react to Kuwait introducing VAT, they’d probably starve themselves.

Luke’s comment does make one ask why “one talks as if one has a broom stick stuck up one’s arse”-Tracey Ullman.

How come every johnny-come-lately is thrift-shaming poor luke? Fully agree with his observation here and people still have a choice to either eat expensive cake (let them eat cake) or save up by making delicious ones at home by watching youtube.

The issue with Luke isn’t the fact that he prefers to make cakes at home, that’s a normal thing to want to do. Instead there are 2 issues with what he said:

1- He seems surprised a business is selling items at a higher cost than it costs them to make it. Come on that’s like Business 101.

2- He doesn’t have any real understanding of how a business works and then proceeds to make shit up. Generally restaurants aim to have the food cost be around 25% but typically, they hover around 35%. So when you buy a burger from McDonalds for 1KD their cost is probably around 300fils for that burger. McDonalds isn’t going to sell the burger for 400fils and make 100fils profit, that’s not how the food industry works.

Luke thinks Caramel’s food cost is 10%. So the 10KD cake they sell costs them 1KD to make which is untrue and unrealistic. The only people that have margins that high are bars (Which we don’t have in Kuwait). The next best thing is probably coffee shops and their margins.

Luke is just being a stupid troll.

It’s got Yuku Moku design and aesthetic written all over it. Could just as easily have been out of Omotesando or Roppongi Hills. Adore the look and feel of Zen minimalism with neat lines.

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