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Video Game Ads from the 1980s in Kuwait

I’ve been collecting old video game ads from the 80s and uploading them to my Flickr account. I’ve got over 20 ads so far in the album including ads for the Intellivision, Coleco, Amiga, and Atari consoles. I also found some newspaper clippings of old video game tournaments which I thought was cool.

The big players in the video game business back then based on the ads were Alamiah, Alghanim (Xcite), and surprisingly, Marafie. Check out all the ads I’ve found so far here.

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I remember seeing the Commodoe Amiga late very 80s in one of the newer malls. For a while I could not recall which mall had Amiga booth/store, but now seeing the advert now it says they a store at the Al-Muthanna complex, which makes sense. I used to get drooled over the fighter flight simulator game, it looked breathtaing at the time. I think it was the F/A-18 interceptor game.

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