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Video: Salhiya in 1984

Cool footage of Salhiya and the surrounding area from back in 1984, but sadly, I didn’t spot Alamiah in the video nor the Korean restaurant on M2 in the video. YouTube

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Cool footage. I was hoping to spot that little Movenpick cafe in Salhiya at the time, I seem to remember they used a VW Beetle car cut in half as part of the decoration, anyone remember that? I’ve been trying for ages to find a photo of this cafe but to no avail

The footage startning around 5:37 is what I believe was the large confectionery store on the ground floor (Salhiya), that also sold nuts and ground coffe. This was a relatively large place and hard to miss. My parents used to buy coffee from this store, I suspect because they had a variety of coffee beans to choose from.

I thought Salhiya always looked the same, but this vid proved me wrong. I was surprised to see there was a winding staircase with a fountain.

Yeah it got a major facelift, the original salhiya was a lot darker, lots of brown marble and the railings on the mezzanine floor were a lot bulkier. The facelift didn’t happen that long ago, I think it was sometime in the 90s.

I worked a lot of time in Saliyah complex, worked there for the Kuwait Petroleum co, which occupied several floors, loved having my lunch (take away – best beef shawarma in Qaboos) the resteraunt near the staircase, evenings were window shopping, I lived a stones throw away at the only central AC building in the 80’s – called Bull Bull building after the famous super market.
The half cut VW beetle painted in a weird pink was the Hard Rock Cafe, just before the invasion..earlier housed a fantastic srilankan joint.

Nostalgic memories… international mill was the best place for high quality nuts, coffeee, Arabic sweeets.. Saliya was the go to mall in the 80’s … high end shops, Tanagara, Rolex Showe room, a exquisite crystal shop which closed down, and the best ever Music shop on mezzanine, before Virgin. mega store

Move pick was in the UTC building … nice resteraunt then, expensive, later it was converted to a big burger joint famous in the Philippines, cannot recollect the name, didn’t see the. Post invasion, Place was the converted to Awladhona

Yes Mark, the place to go to for good cassettes and newly introduced CDs – priced upwards of KD 5 Sam as original Music cassettes at 2 KD. How come no one mentioned the Video rental shop on ground floor , there was a very friendly Indian guy there , Errol Almedia… original videos .. later pirated sold in Murghab

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