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Cartoons From the 80s

I found this site that has the opening videos of some cool cartoons from the 80’s. There was one cartoon I really used to like but had forgotten its name, turned out it was called Pole Position. Here are some of the videos, a lot more on the site.

Bionic Six
Dennis the Menace
Denver the Last Dinosaur
The Gummi Bears
Inspector Gadget
Pole Position
Rainbow Brite
The Real Ghostbusters

Update: Site is now down due to heavy traffic. I downloaded a couple of videos will upload them later if site is still not working.

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Don’t forget the awful ‘Care Bears’ and ‘My Little Pony’ and the boy oriented ‘Diplodos’ and ‘MASK’! Brings back memories of watching cartoons on Dubai TV after school and then switching to Kuwait TV to watch the rest!

Hi Mark,
Do you have any information where I can get the 80’s cartoon Adnan wa Leena (Canon; Future Boy) in Kuwait?


two places i know of. one is a video store in rihab complex. ground floor.

second is a place on the first floor of al walla complex also in hawalli.

Not sure how these posts work, never been here. I am trying to find out what a cartoon is called or anything more about it so I can find it. It was late 80’s I think. The cartoon started with a band playing Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings in front of a mirror. They got sucked up into the mirror into a cartoon world. Their music was a weapon against the “bad guy” and the notes were like amunition that you could visiably see hitting the bad guys. I am going bananas trying to find this. Any help would be so nice. Thanks!

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