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Formula 1 USA

Interesting F1 race today in the States, only 6 cars competed because the other 14 cars boycotted the race. CNN has the full details. [Link]

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Yes Schumi won, but he wasn’t ecstatic about it, he didn’t even stay long enough, took the cup and went in directly, on the other hand the spectators were so pissed off, that many started to throw beer cans at Ferrari team during the race.. it was weird watching it..

It was sad but true, I think rules should not be twisted regardless, Micheline thought they can twist them just because they have an unsafe tyre. They want the FIA to protect their flaws.
Forza Ferrari for now and let’s hope they start winning normal races again.

micheline just wanted the drivers to be safe. FIA on the other hand didn’t care about the drivers safety. The reason the teams didn’t participate in the race was because it wasnt safe for them, when they requested from FIA to make things safer, FIA refused, so the drivers decided not to race. Why should they put their lives at risk?

Michelin did what is right, Its just bad for the fans. Their tyres did fail in other races and in other corners before, its a major flaw in their current design where they sacrifice performance for safety. But at least in this race they took a positive stand. Still too bad for the fans.

I am all in favor for one tire maker as bridgestone has proven to be the best in all weathers.

I think also that F-1 has messed up things by all these rules and changes just to stop the domination of Ferrari. I want action Goddamit!

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