Kuwait International Airport Terminal 2 – 3D Walkthrough

Post by Mark

There is a low detail 3D walkthrough video of the new Terminal 2 airport available online. It’s divided into two parts, first part is arrival to the airport, checking-in and then heading towards your gate. The second part is getting off the plane and heading to the baggage pickup area. There is no audio in the video and you can skim through it without missing anything important.

Thanks Kutsuit

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  1. q80 says:

    I hope they stick to the international standards for the heights, widths and lengths to ensure best circulation and movement for travellers

      • q80 says:

        There are international engineering and architectural standards for the dimensions of everything (hallways, ect ).. current Kuwait airport is unpleasant because no way the design is corresponding to the standards..

        Therefore to have a pleasant experience in the new airport the design “definitely” should be according to the standards.

        Many facilities in Jaber Stadium were built without being related to international standards, which led to costly variation orders later on.

  2. ahmed alrashee says:

    i was looking at google maps searching for aljazeera terminal that was suppose to take the load off the current airport until the new one is done

    has the project been canceled or something ?

    • Code Markus says:

      Actually they are working on it and they are serious on finishing it quickly. You can see two buildings are being built. While driving on the road and after the arrival entrance/exit gate, look at your right and you’ll see two construction sites for the parking and for the terminal.

  3. aceboy44 says:

    The departures is similar to DXB airport. The arrivals is similar to ICN airport.

    Overall, it’s much better than the current terminal but unfortunately nothing close to HKG airport :(

  4. alphanso says:

    i am feeling sick after watching the video.

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