Kuwait Ramadan Commercials 2015

Post by Mark

I have to say, putting this list together was a painful experience. If I have to listen to one more commercial breakout into a musical I’m going to puke on someone. I would say 99% of the commercials below are just horrible and I wouldn’t recommend watching them. The only two that actually stuck out for me were from Zain, one is called “The Open Minded Girl” which I’ve embedded above while the other is called “The Golfer“. Here are all the Ramadan commercials so far for 2015:

Asnan Tower
Bayan Dental
Boubyan Bank
Gulf Bank 1
Gulf Bank 2
Krispy Kreme
Maidan Clinic
Ministry of Youth
Pay it
Viva 1
Viva 1
Zain 1
Zain 2
Zain 3

If you think I’ve missed a commercial then let me know.


Update: Just added some more commercials to the list

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  1. bonanza says:

    Vodafone Egypt.
    very cleverly done – catchy song as well

  2. lucky_boy says:

    Americana commercial gotta be the worst ever. ويع

  3. lucky_boy says:

    Best two hands down Nizar Al Qandi (from sheno ya3ni tv)



  4. Marga Tansinco says:

    True, it was painful! :-(

  5. Oh my goodness, that Viva one is horrible, it’s like the Kuwait version of Joseph and the Amazing technicolor dreamcoat. I do however like the beginning part of the ooretardoo one where he calls them chicken nuggets. Unfortunately, the first time around it’s like, let’s watch the commercials but now it’s just a repeat of the same contoured monsters over and over. I will stick to watching my stateside programs online for free!

  6. think says:

    The quality of commercials has really declined in recent years. The decision makers are hooking up their friends and nobody seems to know what they are doing.

  7. zain says:

    I wil never wonder again why zain stock price is going down

  8. Ipsom says:

    Why put yourself through all the trouble Mark?! This isn’t important like the restaurant list

  9. CreativeForces says:

    I find it funny that the ones you chose as the best ads are directly ripped off a globally awarded AXE campaign, only localized.



  10. QT says:

    NBKs ad was terrible… Not sure what they were thinking.

  11. Mark says:

    thanks everyone just added all the commercials you guys listed

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