Super Bowl Commercials

Post by Mark

You can get your fix of Super Bowl commercials with the following two links:

Devour – Hand chosen selection of some commercials
NFL Website – All 96 ads listed there

One of my favorites is the Chrysler commercial above. [YouTube]

TIME has all the commercials up and rated, view them [Here]

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  1. FH13! says:

    As a fan of EMINEM …. this commercial is the best xD
    great class

  2. Stan says:

    Yeah I liked this ad a lot too. Don’t know if it was just because of Eminem.

  3. Questionable says:

    i have seen this ad 3 times over now, love it!

  4. Gilbert says:

    I like Em, But I love the mini Darth Vader by VW.

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