The Harlem Shake – Kuwait

Post by Mark


If you don’t know what the Harlem Shake is, click [Here]

via @hishersq8

Update: Here is a funnier one also from Kuwait


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  1. Lucky says:

    go harlem, go harlem

  2. Preformer says:

    This is from kuwait it was shot in the dessert

  3. 3azeez says:

    The first video looks like military dorm. Guess they’re American soldiers?

  4. desert sky says:

    Bedouin Shake

  5. Chris says:


  6. Rupin oberoi says:

    Omg i like the arab one …!!!!

  7. Kuwait says:

    LMAO love how its called “Harlem Sheikh” in Arabic in the title of the 2nd video.

  8. colorita says:

    The second video offends me and my bedouin background, I kindly ask you Mark – as an active reader of your respectful blog – to take it off. Thanks.

  9. Security Adviser says:

    Yeah colorita what the F*** were you doing during the avenues stabbing case. Didn’t seem to offend you much then when your peeps were butchering the doctor!!!

    BTW on topic the second video was absolutely priceless ; had me laughing through out.

    The baby goat in the video was like WTF????? Get me out of here them cats are crazy !!!

    • lulz says:

      Bedouins didn’t butcher the doctor. Also, when members of a certain demographic commit a crime, their peeps are not required to apologize for the crime on the perpetrators’ behalf as a prerequisite for them to find something offensive. For example, if a random black guy robs a store, black people don’t have to condemn the crime first in order for them to be permitted to take offense to something of a perceived racist nature.

      Anyway, both videos are funny. I find neither of them offensive.

    • Anonymous says:

      How did you let this one go through Mark?

  10. Khaled says:

    Bedouins and ‘Bedoon’ are two different things. The doctor who was stabbed at the Avenues was stabbed by a Bedoon and not a Bedouin. Plus, as Lulz precisely said, you can’t count on and accuse all Bedoon because an individual of theirs committed a crime – Bedoons are well-respected and they will gain their political and social rights eventually. The second video uploaded is quite offensive to Bedouins.

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