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Two car accident videos

Here are two slightly graphic car videos. The first one is similar to the one I posted a while back about a stunt gone wrong in Saudi. The second looks like something out of a movie..

Big Hit [RealVideo 748kb]
Intersection [MPG 1.4MB]

Right click and save-as

7 replies on “Two car accident videos”

Wow, the intersection video was so cool. Tries to run away, whoops, too slow! BAM! Gets crushed by a car. The big hit would have been better if they didn’t include the crappy music and the cheap effects.

The second one is kind of strange. The kid crossing the road it would seem would have been hit be the oncoming car anyway, but not only is he jaywalking but a car also runs a red into the path of an oncoming car, which then collects both the car and the pedestrian.

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