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Videos of Mishref Palace

I recently heard that they might be demolishing Mishref Palace and obviously if true, that’s upsetting. But also no surprise since there seems to be a general lack of care for old important buildings in Kuwait. Anyway here are some videos showcasing the palace back in the 50s and a video showing the state of the palace today.

I think this would be such a great location for an art museum, similar to the Getty museum in LA. Does anyone know the actual name of the palace since I might be able to dig out some old photographs and videos?

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I’m sure there is but don’t think the actual name of the palace is mishref palace. Once I get the proper name will start my digging

“I think this would be such a great location for an art museum, similar to the Getty museum in LA.”

😀 dude, you’re funny!

This palace will probably be leveled with the ground, sold to houses developer, who will use wasta to divide the plot of land further and allow for tiny houses and illegal apartment buildings.

Its been sold to KFH post 2008

According to government planning it is to be named “Almubarakiya Area”

In 2010 I was exploring this place with my friends. There was a dark barrack or a storage place maybe 50 meters away from the palace where I found a new laptop in a dusty bag with USB drive full of arab songs and next to it smoked up box of Marlboro reds. Surprisingly laptop was new with an invoice and cables and was laying there for at least a month or two. It was inexpensive acer worth 170 kd or something. I still have it in my basement.

They don’t want to keep reserve of the old things. Their is just no planning and foreseeable future. They just make decisions in heist without knowing its implications. They just not destroying a building, they removing their history and culture. They just don’t know what they are doing.

I don’t think it will be demolished due to its ongoing inheritance case in court.

I remember there was also a big palace in Jabriya right by the BrBr joint. Back in high school we used to go have bibi gun team battles in these palaces. Absolutely EPIC! they should make a paintball park out of it!

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