Joe and The Juice is Now Exclusive on Deliveroo

If you’re a fan of Joe & The Juice like me, then you’re also going to be excited to know that they’ve now started delivery exclusively on Deliveroo.

I never had Joe & The Juice until they opened in Kuwait, but now I’m a regular and a fan of their club sandwich and “Pick Me Up” juice. I also really appreciate that they list the calories, not that I calorie count, but I do like knowing how many calories everything is.

Deliveroo is currently offering free delivery if you order from Joe & The Juice, so if you’re looking to order something for breakfast, lunch or dinner, now you know what. @deliveroo_kw

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Hey Mark! I once did try Joe & The Juice, and it’s a banger and I just went to it with friends! Awesome they started delivering on Deliveroo. But here are 2 things I want to inform you about:

First, Virgin Megastore has closed down for good once again in Kuwait. Not sure when this happened/was announced exactly, but today I found out. Oysho and Stradivarius will be taking over their only branch which is in the Avenues. Even their website states that they are “closing their curtains in Kuwait”. Really sad in my opinion for it to fail twice.

Second, Baroue/Baroue Frostland have shut down their Avenues location for quite a while now (since late 2023), and I don’t know if they’re reopening or not. For a while, Their Instagram account’s latest post says that they closed temporarily for maintenance, but I highly doubt it. While the ground floor is covered by the Avenues map, the first floor is covered by a statement in Arabic saying “A new tale will begin…”. Don’t know if those are Baroue’s words or not.

Maybe you can mention these two news in a post?

Actually, you posted about their first closure (Marina Mall), not their recent second one. But either way, just a suggestion! 😀

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