All through April, order from any restaurant from the “Cash back” filter, pay the 1 KD delivery fee, then get it right back into your account in less than 12 hours! this will happen with EVERY order you make from our participating restaurants. So the more you order, the more credit you’ll get! This offer is also applicable on all of our other categories.

You must have heard by now that we’re delivering flowers. Well, it’s not just that, because now we’re also delivering supplements and groceries. Plus two more categories that we’re launching later this month! Take a wild guess, what will they be?

Also new:
– Self-pickup. Just choose it at the checkout, and the app will show you the location of the restaurant on the map.
– 24/7 delivery is now available…. for the late night munchies! Check the 24/7 filter to know which restaurants are available.
– New restaurants being added every day, some of the latest joiners: Shrimpy and The Chocolate Bar!

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