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Post by Mark

My favorite two places to drive in are Lebanon and LA. Two very different places, but both have super laid back law enforcement, well in Lebanon’s case, no law enforcement. It’s so chill driving here, the highways are huge and there are so many great roads. But most importantly, as long as you’re not driving like an asshole, the cops don’t bother you. In Kuwait, on the other hand, I’m constantly looking in my rearview mirror hoping there isn’t a cop around me that will stop me for no reason. And I’m serious about the no reason part.

A few weeks back I was in a multistory parking lot and was having a conversation with a friend who ordered a Lotus similar to mine. I was joking around telling him good luck with the cops since they’re gonna stop him all the time once he gets the car. Two minutes later I pull out of the parking lot and just as I do, a cop car asks me to pull over. I’m not exaggerating I had literally just driven out of the parking lot. So I pull over and I’m sitting there in my car, the cop walks up to my window and I’m like “Hi”. The cop is like “Go”. I’m sitting there like wtf, why did you pull me over then?!?

So yeah, I’m loving driving in LA and I really wish I had my car here.

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  1. mpostp says:

    cop magnet ?

  2. BlarneyBob says:

    Just because I can tell you so….

  3. awf says:

    Same thing with a Mustang. You can’t go out without getting stopped by cops in Kuwait. It’s ridiculous

    • Bravearc says:

      I know. I used to have a Mustang until Feb, cops became too much of an issue. I wasn’t enjoying driving it anymore.
      Once I checked with a Kuwaiti Mustang owner and he mentioned how even though his car was completely stock, the cop said it had an aftermarket exhaust and took away the car. He luckily had a friend whose brother was a cop so got it back in a couple of days. I being an expat knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything if they took away the car. At that instant I decided to sell the car. :(

  4. T says:

    Where do you rent reasonably priced kinda nice luxury cars in LA? I’m looking to rent something nice without breaking the bank (Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc)

  5. Star says:

    As a native Los Angeleno that lives between Kuwait and Los Angeles, that is the furthest from the truth. The LAPD and the California Highway Patrol are very strict. They not only patrol by car but also bike, horse, motorcycle and foot. There are various times of the week or month, where they patrol heavier perhaps due to deadlines and quotas but please understand that you do not want to play with the LAPD.

    I think the law enforcement would be offended to hear that people believe there is “super laid back law enforcement”. hahaha You have to be very careful driving in Los Angeles. Mark my word.

    People definitely drive better in Los Angeles than in Kuwait. The reason for this is because there is a lot of law enforcement in terms of driving. The traffic police in Kuwait cannot compare to the work that LAPD and CAHP put in at patroling and enforcing the traffic laws.

    • Haitham says:

      I was raised in Orange County but have been living here since 1999. I go back to the States pretty much every year. Over the last five years, the driving in Southern California has gotten appalling: cutting across carpool lane lines, driving in carpool lane illegally, running red lights, blocking intersections and much more. The prevalence of that kind of driving makes me wonder what the heck is going on and where the enforcement is.

  6. Salah says:

    When they’re impressed with a car and want to get a closer look at it, or even know who the hell owns that car, they would do that. I know that because I was standing next to two officers when they saw a brand new S class Mercedes and one of them gave the other one a “play along” look and stopped the car asking for license and registration. The car, btw, had an elderly woman in the back with the driver driving the car. That made him feel awkward and quickly let them go.

  7. Abdullah says:

    The cop probably doesn’t speak English.

  8. aceboy44 says:

    Mark, did you know that LA has their own private terminal in LAX?

    Perhaps you can give them a try next time you visit L.A


  9. Adel says:

    I used to hate driving till I drove in US. Drivers in Kuwait have alot of bad behaviors that make me mad every day. In other hand, drivers in US behave very well in streets which make driving there a very good experience. Also the streets are much better there obviously.

    LA has some of the worst streets I’ve seen in US though.

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