UFC Fans in Kuwait, Where You At?

Post by Mark

Formula 1 and UFC are the only two sports I watch on TV and with both I’m always surprised by how small the following in Kuwait is. With F1 I kind of understand why nobody in Kuwait cares for it but I can’t seem to understand why UFC isn’t more popular. It’s one of the fastest growing sports, it’s full of action as well as drama and its extremely entertaining. The past 24 hours have been pretty much insane in the UFC world with four fights being taken off the big UFC 223 fight card that’s taking place Saturday night, Conor got arrested and spent a night in prison for causing mayhem after a press conference, and the main headline fight has yet to be determined after two fighters had to pull out!

So much drama taking place and I only know of four other people in Kuwait who watch the UFC and I can discuss this with! So if any of you are UFC fans, let me know in the comments, I’m kinda curious to see if any UFC fans follow the blog.

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  1. Buzz says:

    Nobody likes it because it’s brute violence. Unlike NFL football, which is more violent, this sham of a sport requires no skills other than to beat the crap of the other guy. To top it off this clown McGregor showed the world yesterday why this “sport” has no class. The only fans in America are trailer trash and rednecks from Oklahoma and Texas, and maybe some drunkards from Ireland.

  2. Buzz says:

    As for F1 A.K.A cars driving around in circles, it’s as boring as curling. Most people hate traffic. They would rather fly around the city in a private helicopter or at least have a chauffeur drive them around, if they can afford it. Why on earth would they want to watch this for fun? Someone might get a thrill out of driving an F1 car, but why enjoy watching somebody else do it?

  3. k-man says:

    Boxing > UFC

    • Mark says:

      Well yeah obviously if you’re trying to go to sleep…

      • k-man says:

        Sounds like you don’t watch boxing, but that’s OK. There’s a reason why it’s the biggest combat sport internationally.

        • Mark says:

          I absolutely don’t watch boxing, it’s super boring, like trying to watch baseball. Once you get into MMA you can’t watch boxing.

          • k-man says:

            Keep telling us how you don’t watch Boxing but know that it’s super boring… How can you know if you don’t watch? Because you seen a couple of matches, had no idea what was going on or the context, and think you now know the sport?

            How about you watch Gatti-Ward, Corrales-Castillo, Pacquiao-JMM I, Morales-Barrera, Joshua-Klitschko, or even this Saturday’s match Hurd-Lara?

            Tough to say something is boring when you don’t know anything about it…

            • Mark says:

              Jesus who the fuck told you I’ve never watched a boxing match? The stupidity I have to deal with here sometimes is mind boggling!

              • k-man says:

                Jesus who the fuck said you never watched a boxing match? I clearly claim you haven’t watched enough of the sport to label it super boring.

                And if you did watch boxing, you would have surely seen at least ONE of the fights I listed considering they are all classics.

                There is not one MMA fight that can compare to Corrales-Castillo, Gatti-Ward, Hagler-Hearns, Foreman-Lyle, Ali-Frazier or tons of other fights.

                If you can watch one of those fights and tell me it’s “super boring” then fine.

                It’s like someone watching Silva v. Maia, St Pierre v. Shields or the tons of other terribly boring MMA fights and generalizing the entire sport based on that.

                You can call people “stupid” but that doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. I list exciting fights that prove my point, and you call me stupid, but offer no substance in your argument whatsoever.

                There’s a reason MMA is tanking and the UFC wants to get into Boxing.

                • Mark says:

                  i didn’t say all of boxing is boring but the majority of boxing fights are boring to watch. especially if you’re used to ufc where you have takedowns, kicks, submissions etc.. boxing seems a lot more 1 dimensional and limited. on the other hand, check this karate tournament video out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTeIqoxqjtU&feature=youtu.be

                • k-man says:

                  When you say something is “super boring” it sounds like you mean it’s all boring, but I digress.

                  I really think if you watched more top level Boxing, and some of the exciting fighters/fights, you would see something in the sport you didn’t know was there.

                  Just watch Wilder-Ortiz from a few weeks ago, perfect example of a fight you might think is boring if you watch a few minutes, but the drama beats any fight that the UFC had this year. And that’s not even Boxing’s best fight of 2018!

                  Boxing is one-dimensional but the limitations make the fights more engaging, in my opinion, and more tactful, if you know what you’re watching. The karate video has some of the worst punching technique I’ve ever seen, karate is not a serious combat sport with a proven track record in real competition like say boxing, wrestling or jiu jitsu.

                  Those karate fighters would get devoured by a top level boxer or kickboxer. As someone else has suggested, check out Lomachenko, and tell me that is boring, or that is not some of the highest level of athleticism in the world.

                  There’s a reason why boxing is ranked as the toughest sport.

              • Kuwait says:

                I know it’s a personal blog, but that’s what you get when you get personal with your posts I guess.

          • Ali says:

            I actually started with MMA and got hooked to boxing. Both are the same it gets boring if the fighters are boring. ie: Demian Mia vs Woodley worst fight ever, Anderson Silva vs Mia another fight that was boring af, there have been many boring MMA fights. I recommend you get into boxing now as the talent right now is at a all time high. Watch the highlights for Lomachenko, Wilder, Mickey Garcia, Tank Davis then see if you still think boxing is boring.

    • Jonathan Rowlands says:

      boxing is straight trash .. if you pay to watch it you need your head testing !

  4. Abdulaziz says:

    I’m a ufc fan bro:))))))))
    I love watching ufc since 4 yrs now + i am a huge fan of ur blog:)

  5. The Mac says:

    Boxing is sooo cinematic its beautiful. Like a dance of dragons. UFC is more like a cock fight. I respect the training , sacrifice , dedication , will power 100%. But its just sad what we pay for these days. Its brutal.

    • Mark says:

      You know boxing is more dangerous right because of the larger heavier gloves

      • Ipsom says:

        Actually lighter gloves are more dangerous than heavy ones, it’s less padding

        But boxing is more dangerous, because you get more headshots… since you can only hit the torso and head, unlike the whole body in mma

        • Mark says:

          You’re actually wrong, MMA gloves are less dangerous because they have less padding. This is a fact and a quick google will pull up articles on this. They’re not hitting each other with pillows so that more padding is safer. If they fought with bare nuckles it would be even safer than fighting with gloves.

          More padding = more weight = more force which means more damage to the brain. Less padding means lighter gloves which means less force. If you were to fight bare nuckles u also wouldn’t hit as hard because you’d break your hand hitting a skull over and over.

          You guys really should read instead of making shit up. Google are mma gloves safer than boxing gloves, will take just a second…

          • Ipsom says:

            I did google it… boxing gloves are safer but you see more concussions because the BOXERS hit stronger (*explanation why they hit stronger at bottom) and because, as I mentioned, boxing sees more headshots than MMA.

            I’m just going to stat facts, make out of it what you wish:
            More padding means that there is a bigger surface area which spreads and lessons the impact, padding also softens the intitial impact from a hit. MMA gloves on the other hand are smaller and harder, so more impact/damage is transmitted.

            HOWEVER, keep in find that despite that boxing is still more dangerous and has a higher risk of a concussion. This leads to assumptions that the gloves make the difference.

            A boxer hits stronger because he has no fear in breaking his knuckles from the extra padding. Also another tidbit, a boxer’s punching power is on a different level than that of an MMA fighter’s punch (given both are at the same weight class…) his whole martial art is just devoted to hands…

            • Mark says:

              Boxing had been scientifically proven to be more dangerous than MMA so not sure how you’re still talking out of your ass.. is it that hard to just google it?

              • Ipsom says:

                Mark, I stated boxing is more dangerous “HOWEVER, keep in find that despite that boxing is still more dangerous and has a higher risk of a concussion. This leads to assumptions that the gloves make the difference.”
                I also stated that I googled, that’s where I got my info, you seem out of focus a bit…

                But for the your sake I did find this study that showed the force transmitted (by using a pad) were identical, but the force in the MMA gloves was transmitted in a shorter amount of time while the boxing glove transmitted it over a slightly longer time. I rest my case, bye.

          • UFC Fan says:

            The gloves purpose is to protect the fighters hands not the opponents face

      • T says:

        you my friend, have no idea what your’e talking about,, MMA is more brutal, knees-elbows-kicks-ground and pound etc and ur here saying boxing is more dangerous because of the larger gloves, do u even spar?

        • Mark says:

          Do I even spar? what the fuck does that have to do with anything we are discussing here? So if you spar is that equivalent to a medical degree? I don’t understand this level of stupidity. The discussion we’re having here isn’t about which sport is more brutal. The discussion we’re having is over boxing vs mma in terms of which sport is safer. Broken bones vs brain damage, tell me which is worse?

          Also just to clarify, its not me who is saying larger gloves is more dangerous, its based on studies. This is a paper on this subject: https://journals.lww.com/cjsportsmed/Citation/2016/07000/Combative_Sports_Injuries___An_Edmonton.12.aspx

          – Professional boxers were more likely to sustain no injuries in a given contest

          – MMA fighters were more likely to sustain injuries in general, but those injuries were more likely to be relatively minor (bruising, and so on).

          – Professional boxers, on the other hand were significantly more likely to suffer severe injuries, including loss of consciousness and serious eye injuries such as retinal detachment.

          – Boxers were almost twice as likely to sustain a concussion that involved a loss of consciousness

          – Average medical suspensions for boxers were 26 days, compared to 20 days for MMA fighters, which also suggests a higher prevalence of serious injuries


          • Ali says:

            You cant really compare MMA long term injuries to Boxing’s. Boxing has been around much longer and MMA is still a young sport and their isnt sufficient evidence right now to say it is safer than Boxing. Soccer kicks were allowed back in Pride and still allowed in OneFC, look at Roger Huertas last fight and then explain to me how boxing is more brutal.

        • k-man says:

          Mark is absolutely right here, Boxing is much more dangerous than MMA, many more deaths each year.

          Nothing in MMA can compare to the brutality of 12 hard fought rounds being repeatedly punched in the face.

          If you suffer a concussion in UFC, you’re likely to be pounded out on the ground and stopped immediately where you would have 10-seconds to gather yourself and get hit all over again in Boxing.

    • KSL says:

      “Boxing is sooo cinematic its beautiful.” I hate people like this because they essentially troll the less versed, this person is clearly parroting talking points he’s heard in some ESPN YouTube video and doesn’t understand how combat sports in general work.

  6. Senbunzakura says:

    Why promote violence, it’s the last thing we need in the world right now!

  7. Ipsom says:

    I follow F1 judiciously, like in super detail

    As for UFC I follow it too, but I don’t watch live fights cause of the time difference (not worth getting up for me) so I enjoy watching replays the next day of any fights I’m interested in

  8. DN says:

    I follow the UFC news whenever I can. I find it very intriguing and much more enjoyable than boxing but that’s me. Find it tough to watch live due to the fight difference.

  9. James says:

    The title reads right but your text on not understanding why there isn’t a larger base doesn’t. Why would you assume that everyone should be into something that violent? People prefer watching House of Cards and Game of Thrones for drama minus the jabs and blood.

    We all grew up with WWF (now WWE) but doesn’t mean it appeals to all. My personal opinion after two shows, its a waste of time (and McGregor is just a street thug given the spotlight, worthless after his last loss) – I realize a 180 from your opinion but I guess everyone for his own. That goes for F1 vs Nascar, Football vs Soccer…

    • Mark says:

      I’m not assuming everyone should be into something violent, but UFC is actually a very popular sport and the popularity of the sport isn’t reflected in Kuwait. That’s why I’m curious.

      But seriously why does everyone enjoy talking out of their ass so much? When you say stuff like McGregor is “worthless” after his last loss it makes you sound ridiculous. McGregor won his last fight in the UFC, he ended up winning a second belt in a higher weight loss, he didn’t lose his last fight. If you’re talking about his loss to Floyd on the other hand that was in a different sport, it wasn’t a surprise, it also didn’t hurt his career and it didn’t make him “worthless”. In fact it grew his brand a lot bigger and the guy made hundreds of millions of dollars from it and there were now talks of fighting Floyd again (so they can make tons of money again). He was also having his UFC contracted renewed and he was set to make so much more money than before. So when you say Conor is worthless now it just shows you’re discussing a subject you know very little about.

      • James says:

        Yes, I was referring to the Floyd match and he yes he can call for a rematch though I doubt he’ll get it after Khabib unseated him.

        I’m happy to see you so passionate about UFC but my point on McGregor (and not his portfolio) stands – he’s just a glorified street thug. He’s struggling to stay in the limelight (like others) and the latest effort was the best attempt though leading to his arrest and two days in the news cycle.

        It’ll be good if he gets back to fighting people instead of buses I think. Any yes your point is taken, I’m not as passionate or informed about UFC. F1 and Football it is for me. Enjoy LA.

      • Ali says:

        UFC is not a sport it is a promotion.. McGregor never defended any of the belts he ever won both inside and outside the UFC. He aint worthless but his MMA talent is over hyped and still not fully proven.

        • Mark says:

          Yeah I used to think he was over hyped but then he beat chad, then he knocked out Aldo in 13 seconds and then he destroyed Eddie. So yeah he hasn’t defended a belt but it’s not like he’s been fighting random people off the street.

          • Ali says:

            Chad was on a less then a week fight camp, Aldo well, thats the sport all it takes is a punch and Eddie fought the stupidest fight ever he kept circling to McGregor’s left which is his power hand. Also Eddie said it the media got to him. McGregor was lucky he came up during a time when it was easy to do so. If he started now it would be a whole different scenario. He is good just not that good. No way I put him in top 10 P4P.

    • Kuwait says:

      “We all grew up with WWF (now WWE)”

      That is part of my theory. That generation outgrew this kind of entertainment from their childhood. If I was still into WWF yes I could totally see myself watching UFC. I know they are two different things but there is still a connection and a similarity, but there is no familiarity, and when you get older you stick with familiar.

      • KSL says:

        It’s appropriate that you call yourself “Kuwait” because everything you said is a perfect reflection of the lack of education, ignorance and plain arrogance in this country.. Wow, I haven’t been on this blog in years but I’m truly shocked at the level of dumb confidence in this comment section. A bunch of people who clearly know nothing about a subject eager to leave an opinion and make bold assertions that only make them look foolish.

        • Kuwait says:

          LOOOL! Holy Shit dude! Did you just say all that over WWF/UFC? THAT is really BAD man! I’m really sorry you are this way.

        • James says:

          You seem over-confident and bellowing like the giant that woke up from his slumber going – wait where am I, what century is this, is Merlin the wizard still around. Call it a paradox of sorts. Calm down and get a cup of joe.

  10. Coconuts says:

    wth is up with the comments, guess Kuwait’s main mood is social media drama lol
    I was waiting for Khabib to get a proper fight, not a short notice match up. As for Conor.. The UFC let him get away with a ton of shit and money :3

  11. A Kuwaiti Lexicographer says:

    A UFC fan since 1997. Started with a VHS tape of some of the best fights in the early UFC. I’m talking about Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Don Frye, Kimo Leopoldo, Dan Severn, etc. Went through Pride Fighting phase after Tito Ortiz/Liddell. Personally speaking, early UFC was fun.

    • Mark says:

      I missed out on Pride but after hearing so much about it I went back and pretty much watched all the great pride fights.

      • A Kuwaiti Lexicographer says:

        The one that stunned me the most was the Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba fight at Pride Grand Prix 2000. Royce’s newsworthy rematches with Sakuraba at K-1 Dynamite and Shamrock at Bellator had more mileage than I thought.

  12. fshrfrs says:

    hell yea, shits going down

  13. UFC Fan says:

    Huge UFC fan the following is low but it has been steadily increasing in Kuwait. I’ve been watching it since UFC 90, however after the WME-IMG purchase UFC has is slowly resembling WWE its been too dramatic that you feel its staged.

  14. Sauce says:

    not a surprise for a no class white trash to waste his talent and future after coming into new money

  15. KSL says:

    I’m surprised you don’t know many UFC fans in Kuwait, you must be hanging out with the wrong circles then Mark. You’d be surprised at the amount of real UFC fans in Kuwait- not just your regular Conor McGregor, been following the sport for 3 years fans. People in this country who are Royce Gracie BJJ practitioners, people who’ve been following the sport since it’s inception and plenty of people with actual ties to the UFC & their fighters. I’ve had the privilege of actually hanging out with a few UFC fighters in Kuwait on completely random occasions and I’ve been surprised at the amount of people associated with the UFC who’ve been to Kuwait. Plus one more thing, there are Kuwaiti’s associated directly with the UFC abroad whether in fighter management or general corporate ties.

  16. Vinson Vaz says:

    I am a big fan of MMA and UFC has been one platform which I have been diligently following and enjoying at the same time for quite some time now. I really get a kick out of it now that I have grown over and beyond WWF, WWE, WCW and everything else connected with free style wrestling. So please be assured that you and a couple of four other people following UFC in Kuwait is so very untrue.

    • Mark says:

      you misread, i didn’t say there are only four people in kuwait that watch ufc, i said i only know like four people who watch ufc so you can’t tell me its untrue.

  17. James says:

    Whats the scene with the UFC gym?

  18. Abdullah says:

    I practice martial arts and I enjoy watching it as well. The only thing I dislike about the UFC is the lack of some rules when fighting, that’s just me as a Kyokushin fighter where discipline is a huge part of the art.

    PS: Can anyone explain the UFC naming scheme?

  19. Thisisnumber1BS says:

    Actually, MMA in general is not that popular as a sport worldwide. It’s growing fast, but it’s still not considered a mainstream sport even in the US. You can see that from the coverage on major sports networks like ESPN and also from the pay-per-view numbers. Even though I’m sure there are a lot of MMA fans here, it makes sense that you would find a lot more who are interested in mainstream sports like football. Percentage-wise, I’m sure the number of fans in this region wouldn’t be too different when compared to the states and Europe.

  20. Haitham says:

    I was a huge fan of MMA for about 10 years but I haven’t watched it in maybe a year now. The UFC has become a circus and it became very clear to me in the way Dana White treated Conor McGregor. There was just an unbelievable amount of favoritism. If you’re the head of a promotion you shouldn’t be partying with one of your fighters. We saw the same thing with Dana’s sourpuss face when Ronda Rousey was defeated. Fighters should earn their fights not just talk their way into them.

    With all the drama around Conor right now, it’s obvious to me I made the right decision. He should have been cut from the UFC immediately.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah a lot of people have an issue with how the UFC favors certain fighters over others but then again its a business. So a fighter thats going to pull you in hundreds of millions of dollars is gonna be a favorite over a fighter that pulls in a few thousand dollars.

      I like that format, it’s like working in a company (which is what the UFC is). The better you do the more money and privileges you’ll get.

      I’m not even a fan of Conor, my favorite UFC fighter isn’t even in the UFC anymore because Dana wouldn’t pay him what he deserved (Rory). But it’s a business end of the day so I understand.

    • Mishal F A Abul says:

      Your drunk again

  21. Mishal F A Abul says:

    Conor is the man. MMA is legit & here to stay. Im involved in newly sanctioned bare knuckle fighting if anybody interested. Maybe Buzzkill since he or she or it is clueless.

  22. Ali says:

    I’m a fan of the UFC and I follow it closely and try to not miss any events. I don’t watch it live in Kuwait though as usually it’s very early on Sunday which is a working day. There are many hardcore fans here. Most of them who practice some form of martial arts.

  23. il_diwan says:

    I’ve been trying to find a way to watch UFC fights, the best ines are blacked out in Kuwait even with a UFC fight pass on their website or app.

  24. Hussein says:

    Where can you watch the UFC fight in Kuwait City? Is there any venues where I can watch it?

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