Two baboons caught at a school

Post by Mark

K’S PATH were called in to a school in Salmiya yesterday to capture two baboons that were on the loose. The two baboons had climbed into the school from the streets forcing the children to stay inside until they were caught.

That’s just so random…

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  1. Desert Girl says:

    People buy these as pets and then when they get aggressive (as they WILL) and grow very long canine teeth, they try to get rid of them. As these types of baboons are (as I was once told) the “pigeons of the monkey world”, they’re often euthanized because there is nothing that can be done with them. For sale in Kuwait, they most often come from Saudi Arabia.

    Someone probably just let this pair loose. It’s sad.

    Long story short: DON’T BUY THEM.

  2. aseel says:

    I just wish people will just leave all animals alone. ALL animals including chicken, cows and sheep. IF YOU WANT TO EAT MEAT, EAT A HUMAN!

  3. me says:

    Hmmm.. Are you sure those are not just two students with frizzy hair?

  4. Robyn says:

    So many words spring to mind!

  5. Matt says:

    The jokes on this one just write themselves.

  6. Big Jack says:

    Someone found Jumanji again!

  7. Ashraf says:

    i think this is pretty cool… something different… I’m tired of seeing Cats, Pigeons & bad drivers.

  8. fatami says:

    They jumped my friends fence last week and were playing in her garden. She has a house in salmiya, she said her neighbors took them back. Looks like they escaped again lol

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