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Camel in the back of a Supercharged Range Rover. [Link]

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  1. Nicolas says:

    Stupidity Level: 9999999

    I hope this camel farts a lot :D

  2. Just says:

    LOL ! that’s hilarious.

  3. Faisal says:

    i actually so this guy in abu dhaby. the next day his camel ran away or got stolen he came back with a sticker that says “sherdat el naga fee a7ad shaf nagty?”

  4. chcsfsf says:

    it seems like the pic is photoshopped partly because of the hair on the back of the neck n partly cuz how can u make a camel reverse its way up into an suv?

  5. The Real Burhan says:

    The camel is probably worth 3 of the Range Rovers.

  6. Mathai says:

    You won’t see that in Kuwait as some people seem to be against ‘camels in cars’

  7. PKG says:

    wow.. unreal.. +100 if the camel farts and takes a dump while the driver is transporting it.. :P

  8. brownsuger says:

    how did the camel get in ???

  9. PedroDashT says:

    he sits and then they fork lift him with his dock to the range rover

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