Kuwaitis: The world’s fattest people?

Post by Mark

Inside the Middle East have now uploaded their report on Kuwait’s love affair with fastfood. You can check the report above or read the article on CNN [Here]

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  1. Fonzie says:

    With the recent opening of “The Cheesecake Factory”, these #’s will witness an increase X_X

  2. Omar says:

    The most happening thing in Kuwait is the opening of a new restuarant.

  3. Othman says:

    Is Bader really THAT difficult to pronounce? She butchered the name lol.

  4. Kash says:

    We have zero reported anorexia cases and the rest of the world cant stand this.

  5. Bader says:

    is she saying clitoris instead of Bader?

  6. Haitham says:

    In California, all restaurants with over a certain number of employees (I think 10) must have calorie content of all their food printed within the restaurant. I saw it at In ‘N Out, Cheesecake Factory and nearly all other restaurants I went to. That would help to some extent so that you know, for example, that the dish you want to order that you think is healthy really contains 1500 calories. The lowest calorie count of any Cheesecake Factory cheesecake is 750 calories for a slice of the original cheesecake.

    Isn’t it ridiculous that so many people in Kuwait can afford, and therefore have, household help and yet gravitate to fast food?

  7. Me Cupcake Like Cheesecake says:

    It would also help that there were far fewer junk food centric blog entries celebrating burgers, cheesecakes, cupcakes etc in the Kuwaiti blogosphere.
    Try cutting back dependencies on maids and cooks and half the problem’s sorted.

    • tjcfilms says:

      Thats not the case. They aren’t holding a gun to the head of all these pie asses and saying eat. They are only showing them the tastiest way to get fatter. If there was more to do in Kuwait besides eat and the mall it might be a bit different

  8. neoark25 says:

    if you want to know how much calories is the food your eating and if it is based on 2000 calories food, and their rank


    Mc donald meals
    large fries 500 calories
    Big Tasty 510 calories
    pepsi large 300
    two cheeseburgers 600 calories

    all would be 1910 calories

    That would be a DAY calories intake. in one meal only.

  9. lulz says:

    To the folks above recommending that restaurants disclose nutrient information and caloric content, I think that’d be great; but it’ll never convince fat people to stop stuffing their faces for the same reason that the surgeon general’s warning doesn’t stop smokers from sucking cancer gas out of a cigarette.

    In the year 2012, I doubt anyone – no matter how naive – is oblivious to the fact that fast food isn’t exactly the elixir of eternal youth and fortified health. I don’t think any obese person can look you with a straight face and say something like “you see, I’ve been eating these burgers lately and then I accidentally got fat! If I had known the amount of calories in them I wouldn’t have done it!”.

    Fat people make poor food choices but they’re not necessarily retards, I’m sure they know exactly what they’re doing. When you have an addictive personality (and morbidly obese people typically do), a nutrient content sticker isn’t going to stop you.

  10. Q8Path says:

    Totally agree. This what happens in Kuwait rather than opening a stores, or fitness cafes. Investors are keeping us overweight, even when the meal costs 20KD the person will eat it.

  11. Terciero says:

    This also correlates to Kuwait being one of the top 10 laziest countries in the world.

    Lets face it, we have a horrible life style. We have money so we pay everyone to do everything for us.

    We sleep most of the time, eat whenever we are awake, and we rarely do any walking or exercise. The majority of the week we spend at work, where we sit down for 8 hours a day enjoying coffee and sweets.

    Our idea of weekend fun is going to a restaurant to sit down and eat, go to the chalet to sit down and eat, go to the beach to sit down and eat, and camping out in the desert to set up camp, a bbq pit, then sit down and eat.

    Kuwait’s traditional food is one of the most unhealthy, fattening food around. And we do absolutely no real physical activity to balance it out, except for maybe walk from our car to a nic e comfortable chair where we can sit down and eat :)

    Welcome to Kuwait ladies and gents, where all we do is sit down and eat

  12. Terciero says:

    And to lulz, you are right, consciously making poor food choices, or any poor choice for that matter doesnt make you a retard. It just makes you ignorant and stupid. Seriously, you if you make a stupid decision you know for a fact is bad for you, and you do it anyway, you are legitimately stupid. Theres no other explanation.

    Recent studies show that fast food actually does worse harm to the human body than cigarettes. (Mark, maybe this is an idea for a post?)

  13. Sherlock says:

    This is depressing. 3 people in Kuwait are exercising and it comes on CNN.

  14. Ali Sleeq says:

    I’m sorry… I couldn’t hear anything in the video. The sound of me munching on a double whopper was too loud.

  15. mocman says:

    Lol. Very soon everyone will die out of some fat related sickness and then “The Man” will come and take over this place and all of its resources/wealth.

    Almost there. Yay to “The Man”

    People please dont stop eating.

  16. Abdullah says:

    *face palm*

  17. d'fine says:

    Well I am hoping the Amir will kick some fat butts soon.

  18. tjcfilms says:

    How do you say Fat Ass in Kuwaiti Arabic?

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