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kuwait isp cost

K.theKuwaiti conducted a survey on Kuwait ISP’s by asking people what provider they were with, how much they were paying and what download speed they were getting. Using the results he plugged them into an Excel sheet and calculated which ISP gives you the best bang for the buck.

So what is the best deal? Turns out its Qualitynet followed closely by Zajil. Fasttelco came in last. For a more detailed analysis check out K’s post. [Link]

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  1. Tan Go says:

    did your survey include [institutional] users?

  2. Jackie says:

    That’s such a cool graph ;P

  3. Marzouq says:

    Thats damn good stuff! Thanks K!

    Tan Go I think it was just normal users!

  4. miyafushi says:

    cool, now can some1 do one with this new 3g card stuff ;p

  5. 767 says:

    i used to remember a year ago everyone was talkin about fibre optics and everyones gonna get em soon.. i dont see any place that has that speed.. the airport has 8mb ?? only ? where’s the Gbps ?

  6. holla says:

    LOL i could have told you FT sucks without all the fancy analysis and graphs :D

  7. Aboud says:

    Zajel offer their services to corporate cleints only so i think the only reason Zajil came ahead of FT beause it offers free up-to 8MB speeds at the airport mall, crown plaza hotel and some coffee shops, just go to starbuks at the airport and check the boys there,with they money they spend on parking they could get an 8MB connection at home ;-).

  8. Mark says:

    zajil also offer services to consumers

  9. TweeZ says:

    all in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.

  10. Aboud says:

    Last time i checked, they only offered their service to corporate, and to a very very very limited number of individuals.

    Checkout the wibsite http://www.zajil.com/ can’t understand anything

  11. Tan Go says:

    Aboud… they do offer DSL services to individuals. This is done at the Kuwait Engineers Society [Gulf road], where thay have a dedicated office doing the paperwork…

  12. moocherx says:

    the graph should’ve had Fastelco in a more turd-like colour.

  13. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Tan Go:
    This survey only included residential users with DSL at their homes.


    Anytime .. I will post up the excel file if anyone is interested.

    I did some testing with the 3g cards from Wataniya/MTC; but the results were off for the following reasons:

    1. Wataniya doesn’t have a 3G card for sale at the moment
    2. 3G speeds depends on location/time; you can get 128kBps if there are no people and in the correct region. None of the results are very accurate or reliable at the moment; as not all locations serve 3G

    Fibre optics is not the solution to our problems. Our DSL lines can handle well over 1mb but the costs are extremely high. Kuwait needs to invest in its own backbone and stop relying on UAE/FlagTel.. Even if you had fiber now, the speeds would be the same.

    But graphs make it look all proffesional. ;)

    Actually your a bit off .. Zajil came ahead of FT because their service is cheaper and faster. I installed a 1mb Zajil line at my home last month. They now offer residential services at the same prices as Qnet. Also, with a Residential DSL service from zajil, you are given free access to their wireless networks .. so the boys can save their money on internet cards.

    ^ Ditto

    Did you edit your comment?!

    Again .. they do have residential DSL; as I have installed it.
    Call them at 822822; or check out https://store.zajil.com/retail/adsl_.aspx

    Tan Go:
    You can also go to their main location at Kuwait city; or check out their website.

    We can leave that for the graph that expressives customer satisfaction.

  14. huk says:


    when u say 256kbps…does it mean the same given speed up and down ?
    when u buy a 256kbps line for Qnet , your download speed is 512kbps.
    is this the case for all providers and all speeds ?


  15. Esa says:

    could you please add united networks to this coparision?

    did any on try it yet ??

    feedback please

  16. dian says:

    hello all !
    i want to have zajil in my home as my adsl … would anyone of u tell me where to registrate ? for ur information that i am living in jahra…is there any of it’s branches in jahra ? thanks n have a nice day for all…

  17. eman says:

    about the fiber optics.. I will let you in on something.. the cable only sucks here in Kuwait.. In America the fiber optics were great, what now takes me 2 days to downloiad only took me 10 minutes in the states.. So I think of downing the product, we should look at the providers, you know what I mean ;-)

  18. Yousef says:

    what is the best internet Providers for gaming in Kuwait?

  19. newguy says:

    i just moved to kuwait and am wondering which isp has the FASTEST one, price dosent matter
    thanks :)

  20. Raoul says:

    I am moving to Kuwait after staying in Uk/Dubai where i used broadband internet connections. I just wanted to know that whether homes in kuwait are equipped with ports and the neccessary equipment for a new connection(specially for company accomodations).
    Also which company is good for a new connection???
    what paper work is involved in it??
    Also if not broadband connection what can i do for home internet???

  21. Hamed says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m Kuwaiti, my best advice is to use wireless telecommunication internet services such as Viva, Zain,Mada…etc.

    Be aware ! Do not use cable internet provider, coz they will cheat you by changing the speed from their servers and in kuwait we don’t have stronge law to judge them.

  22. Rusu mshrf says:

    all i can say is dnt get these 3 cuz have or tried them, dnt get zain, qnet or viva

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