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I posted about the LoYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) before but since then they’ve added extra sessions and courses as well as changed most of the timings. Bloyac just posted the updated list of activities which you can see below:

Hip hop (mixed): Wednesday 6-8 pm / Saturday 1-2 pm
Hip hop (females): Saturday 12-1 pm
Break dance: TBA
Salsa: Monday 8-9:30 pm
Drama: Thursday 4-5:30 pm
Guitar: Sunday 5-9 pm / Tuesday 5-9 pm / Thursday 5-8 pm
Violin & Arabic Orchestra: Monday 6-9 pm / Tuesday 6-9 pm
Ballet: Saturday 4-5:30 pm / Thursday 4-5:30 pm
Piano: Monday 5-8 pm / Wednesday 5-8 pm
Fitness: Monday 6-8 pm / Wednesday 5-7 pm / Saturday 5-7 pm

According to the blog Bloyac, they’ll also add drumming to the list if enough people sign up for it. The classes operate on a six-week basis and the cost is KD36 per course. If you’re interested in taking any of these classes you can call them up on 96653377.

For more information check out the LOYAC blog [Here]

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