My Radar Camera Detector

Post by Mark

I recently purchased a Garmin GPS device from Amazon, it was a really good deal costing me under KD40 with shipping to Kuwait via Aramex. I know most of the roads in Kuwait but every now and then I need to go somewhere I haven’t been to before and a GPS device would come in handy. Turns out its actually a lot more handy then I was expecting since a forum user (Burhan) made me realize I could use the device as a radar detector.

All you need is a Garmin GPS unit and the following file which you need to download and copy onto it [POI File]

What this file does is tell the GPS unit where all the speeding and red light cameras are located. When you get near a radar camera the device alerts you with a beep. If you’re driving below the speed limit you get a gray box alerting you of the camera ahead and just a single beep. If you’re driving over the speed limit you get a red box alerting you that you’re speeding and the device beeps frequently until you either pass the camera or drop your speed below that roads speed limit.

It’s very cool and practical and it cost me under KD40. If you’re interested in the same device I have which is pictured above, its called the Garmin Nuvi 255 and it’s available on Amazon for around KD30. [Amazon Link]

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  1. kuwaiti says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    THE 100 KM CRUISERS ARE A LIE!!!!! … lol

  3. nomaddia says:

    Quick question Mark, does it fit in any car? and how much it cost to fit it in a car? thanx

  4. Mark says:

    it installs in any car with the included stand with suction cup

  5. Tom says:

    Mark, does the Garmin device require a sim card or Internet connection via gprs/usb device or whatever??? Just asking because I’m not a geek… Thanks.

  6. Mark says:

    nope, doesn’t require any of those. The maps are installed on the garmin’s internal hard drive.

  7. nbz says:

    they r quite handy! i have been using one since past 2 yrs. The device has an inbuilt list of all places across the region ( if you have installed the regional software ) segregated across petrol stations, atm machines, aumusement parks, hospitals, malls etc etc. All u gotta do is update the map on a yearly basis. Also u can save any particular location as a favourite for future refernce.

  8. BAJS says:

    Mark what if they add a new camera and such? How is the updates on that POI file? is it constant?

  9. Sally says:

    Cool! Thanks Mark, I think I might get one!

    But how do you install the regional maps? Are maps free to install? Also, in the future would I have to pay anything extra for license renewals or map updates?

  10. kuwaiti says:


  11. Danderma says:

    hmmm nice! does it work on older Garmin modules or only this module?!

  12. brownsuger says:

    you can have that in Kuwait!!

  13. toasta says:

    yeah same as Sally’s ques, i saw the product review in amazon it says it includes North america or Europe map only, so guess the cost u’ve mentioned excludes the map price? i was looking for one and got confused so thanks for this post :)

  14. 3azeez says:

    and if u drive with that along Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai u’ll roll down ur window and throw this GPS out.. lol.. it would be more convenient to simply slow down.

    فهمتوا يا بقر؟

  15. cajie says:

    Mark, what you have failed to mention is the price of the middle east map – as the item you linked only has map for North America & Puerto Rico.
    The Middle East NT map is around KD 45/- from the local dealer. Might as well buy locally for around KD 50-60 which comes with Middle East maps.

  16. Kuwait says:

    You never have to pay for anything once your GPS unit is up and running with local maps – which can be downloaded from the internet (Nokia phones), or from the manufacturer’s CD.

    And there are no license renewals. You have the unit, its features and maps for life.

    I ♥ Nokia N86

  17. Abdullah says:

    u can buy a radar detector , I have one which is useful for shalaihat highway!

  18. Kuwait says:

    I’m surprised Cajie hasn’t said, “Or just stay within the speed limit and save all the money”


  19. Mark says:

    You can get the middle east maps for free from the piratebay with a step by step install guide. The way I look at it I won’t be using the north america map it comes with so it’s all fair.

  20. Sally says:

    I see. Thanks everyone for clarifying. I am not asking for the purpose of radar detection, I am asking because I want a GPS unit.

    What about the ones with traffic info. (like the one in the link below)? Would it work in Kuwait if u have the local map installed?

  21. Frankom says:

    The iphone app trapster can help although the one that you have a very good device .. mabrook :>

  22. Rajeev says:

    There is a better news for iPhone 3G/3GS users as there is a software that can be downloaded on the iphone and it uses the same principles of GPS to detect the Cameras… the software is “aCamScanFix” and it is available on Apple Store for 0.99 $… the best part is that you can add or delete any camera anytime just by a touch and you receive all the updates for cameras on your phone using the WiFi/3G internet.

    I am using this one for over 6 months and I have actually recovered the cost of iPhone by avoiding the Speeding Ticket I paid for last year. However, the only downside I see is that it needs internet to show the map which is usual for any iPhone and if you have a monthly unlimited plan for 3G.. then this application needs nothing.

    Also it has a Hud mode which is very convenient when you put the iPhone on Stand on the windshield.

    Use your iTunes to download this application called “aCamScanFix”.

  23. Rajeev says:

    BTW.. the Civil ID banner for ALFA on the right side looks good…

  24. cajie says:

    @Sally, traffic info features do not work in Kuwait because there is no such system available in the country to transmit traffic details.
    Those big-ass boards that were put up were supposed to do something similar – but all they do is show the time.

  25. Sally says:

    @cajie, that’s what I expected! I was just being unrealistically optimistic =D

    And yeah, these boards are a total waste, seriously!

  26. gabry says:

    They update the maps every two years. i have been using Garmin 775T. It comes preloaded with US and Europe maps.If they add new cameras it doesn’t show up until the file is modified. They also have restaurant loader in custom POI. All these custom poi are loaded by the dealer for a charge between 5 and 10 kd.

  27. Fatma says:

    I was just Gona say that the trapster app for I phone works just fine for me, when I read an earlier comment :)

  28. Ba6alah says:

    there is Iphone App. can provide you with the same things , so why do you need Garmin if you have Iphone ? :I

  29. wi-fi says:

    3.5-Inch .. shame .

  30. mushroom says:

    i have an iphone 3G (JB’d) and after reading 248forum, 1 user had mentioned tomtom middle east. so i downloaded it and gave it a try.
    It works very well including voice command. maps include Oman, Dubai, Saudi and the rest. it detects petrol stations as well.

    however it doesnt include the traffic lights and speed cameras.

    -file size is around 120MB++
    -no need for any gprs/internet
    -u have the option to choose the fastest route from point A to point B

    all i have to find now is a cheap mobile phone holder with suction cup so i could stick it to the windshield like mark’s.

  31. Mark says:

    Ok, for the people who are asking why i don’t use my iphone for navigation. Simple.

    The navigation softwares on the iphone cost $99 and up (for decent ones like tomtom). This dedicated Garmin GPS costs $99. Why would I pay $99 for a software when i can get a dedicated device that does the same thing better?

    The way I also have the device set up in my car is the following:

    I have an extra 12v socket mod installed with my fusebox and i’ve run the power cable up to the garmin unit from within the dashboard. It’s a very clean install. Now when I turn on the car the garmin comes on, when i turn the car it shuts down. I don’t have to fidget with it everytime or anything of the sort.

    I would hate to use my iPhone for navigation. Much easier just to use the garmin.. and cheaper.

  32. Mark says:

    Trapster is good but can be annoying at times AND you would need to have your iphone up in front of you and on to see the upcoming speed traps. Life is much simpler having the garmin take care of the speed traps and navigation.

  33. BAJS says:

    Well again that brings up my question Mark. How often is that POI file updated?

  34. Mark says:

    Not sure. Then again, how many new cameras get installed a year?

  35. steve_leb says:

    Rajeev.. there is nothing called aCamScanFix on itunes.. not ever on google.. are you sure thats the right name??

    and Mark i have the Ndrive navigator on my iphone.. works perfectly.. i haven’t installed any extra files to it.. yet i was driving on the 30th one day and my iphone went “warning fixed radar ahead” i was shocked..

  36. Akbar says:

    Mark, how to update a map on an built in GPS navigation device?

  37. Marisa says:

    Do you know if this will work with Garmin XT for mobiles?

  38. Mohammed says:

    hi , i have ol garmen nuvi 330 or 300 (2005) with old maps .. how can i update the maps ?

  39. Abdulaziz says:

    the POI file is maintained by individuals , so the accuracy is questionable.

  40. Realist says:

    Trapster has voice alerts and works pretty well !

  41. Shadi says:

    Hey Guys,
    for iphone 3G and 3GS users there is even a free application called TRAPSTER, which gives the locations of speed cams, redlight cams and police check points, and so many other things…
    you only have to register and you even can update to the applications, accidents, mobile cams … and many more…
    give it a try you want regret it and it works in almost all around the world!!!!!!

  42. Keith says:

    Thanks Mark, this is great…I’m installing it on my wife’s GPS unit right away. Cheers!

  43. Shli7f says:

    where on the Garmin do we drop that POI file Mark ? just on the main directory ?

  44. Mark says:

    don’t remember, there was a folder i dumped it in. if u can tell me what folders you see i can tell u.

  45. ArNi says:

    Mark, following your trail…i landed ordering nuvi 255. Kindly help with the links that i can upload GCC Map to the device.

  46. Mark says:

    Go to search for garmin middle east and download the 2010 map. In the comments there they have step by step instructions on how to install.

  47. ArNi says:

    Mark, followed the procedure, can’t unlock the map or upload….i guess…messed up somewhere…sorry but help me out, since you’ve just did everything perfect..

  48. Mark says:

    Follow the instructions below step by step.


    0. Connect Garmin Unit to Computer

    1. Install map using CNMENT2010Update_ENU.msi
    (which is in the IMG folder)

    2.This automatically installs mapsource for you.

    3. Open up Mapsource (in the program list) and in the Map Product Manager, click on the “Unlock Regions” tab and enter the Unlock code you get from step 5,6 & 7.

    4. Generate the Map IMG to the GPS by opening up “MapInstall” in your Start Menu (Download n install from Garmin website if u dont have it). During this highlight or select the entire middle east region and then click next.

    5. Get your Garmin GPS 10 digit unit ID number by going into the Garmin folder on th GPS device and you will see a file called GarminDevice.xml, open it with “wordpad” and you will see a 10 digit number right in the first few lines of code.

    6. Open the Garmin Unlocker 1.5 keygen you downloaded (goog1e search if u dont have it), then copy and paste your 10 digit unit ID number (step 5) into the first field. Then where it says “Select Map Product,” go to “Custom Mapset” and enter “2009”

    7. There are two “Generate” buttons, click the bottom “Generate” button to get your map unlock code, you do not want to click the top generate button because that generates a software unlock code, which you do not need.

    8. Copy the map unlock code to your clipboard, then create a new text file on your desktop (Right click on desktop> new> text document) and paste the code into it, now save the text file name as “gmapsupp.unl” After you save it using that extension, you should not be able to open it anymore since it’s no longer a text file.

    9. Copy and paste this GMAPSUPP.UNL file alongside the GMAPSUPP.IMG that the MapInstall already put in the Garmin directory of your unit.

    10. Disconnect your garmin Unit and and browse to your map information on your Garmin GPS unit and you should see the new maps selected. Tools>Settings>Map>Map Info.

  49. A Aldousari says:

    I don’t think this is legal, though!

  50. ArNi says:

    Mark, Thanks for your Post and feedback. I’ve rectify the error and everything functioning normal.

  51. Tom says:

    Abdullah, you mentioned Quote:

    Pls, what’s the name of the detector and can I get one in Q8 or do I need to order online from outside?

  52. Tom says:

    sorry Abdullah, your quote: “u can buy a radar detector , I have one which is useful for shalaihat highway!

  53. Burhan says:

    The device is not a “radar detector” so it will not detect mobile speed traps, it also doesn’t detect average speed cameras. The poi file has both speed cameras and safety cameras (those are the traffic cams).

    Most modern Garmin devices that accept custom POI can use the file; it is not restricted to the nuvi series.

  54. Hi Mark
    Is it shipped directly to you by Amazon or you got it throw shop and ship ??

  55. DaN says:

    Nokia’s OVI Maps has free lifetime navigation + maps, so just get yourself a new Nokia that has the free nav feature.

    You can get the speed camera POI for OVI Maps here..

  56. rocky says:

    mark i tried to download the middle east map but the website you mentioned is blocked by fastelco
    is there any other option ?

  57. Abdallah says:

    Mark inta 7adij 3ajeeb! Awal mara adish ur blog & i cant even go to bed. am browsing everything! page by page! i loved this one most! tawni shar garmin 765t bas i need the us maps coz im still here in the us for school, bas im also downloading the middle east map from the wonderful links you had.. thank u sooo much.. i never knew such q8i high tecs existed, & online too!! 7bibi wallah.. all im thinking now is what if the guy decided ti close his blog (Allah la ygoul) hehe!!


  58. Abdallah says:

    Mark inta 7adik 3ajeeb! Awal mara adish ur blog & i cant even go to bed!! am browsing everything! page by page! i loved this one most! tawni shar garmin 765t bas i need the us maps coz im still here in the us for school, bas im also downloading the middle east map from the wonderful links you had.. thank u sooo much.. i never knew such q8i high tecs existed, & online too!! 7bibi wallah.. all im thinking now is what if the guy decided to close his blog (Allah la ygoul) hehe!!


  59. Abdallah says:

    so where am i supposed to copy the POI File to ? in the main Garmin F folder or in the folder inside it named Garmin?

  60. mjkout says:

    Abdallad: there is an app from Garmin called POI Loader.

    and u can get an updated copy of the POI file from

  61. Abdallah says:

    Thanks MjKout bas those aren’t free.. The ones Mark mentioned kilhom free.. Chayakt POI Loader from Garmin mako 7ag likwait..

  62. Rocky says:

    hi mark how did u connect the garmin device to the computer did u buy a wire that connects the garmin unit to the pc ? if yes then from where ?

  63. Mark says:

    using a regular usb cable

  64. Mathai says:

    ok I’ve copied ‘kuwait-safety-camera.gpi’ into the POI folder on my Garmin. Now when I’m driving in normal map mode do I have to select this POI from the menu or will it notify me automatically when I approach a camera?

  65. Khawer says:

    Well guys you all dnt have to buy any garmin device that buy e5 nokia and get everything under one roof:)

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