Sneak Peek: Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel

Post by Mark

I was lucky enough to get a private tour around the new Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel today and I have to say I loved the place. When you pass by it on the highway it looks like one giant building but once you’re inside its a completely different world. I really left the place impressed and I managed to take some pictures to share with everyone here. My favorite thing has to be the fact that they have a lot of Islamic design incorporated very beautifully into the design which you can see in some of the pictures below. The beach is a lot bigger than it used to be and they’ve built a very nice marina, not for boats but for swimmers which I think is cool. The place will have around 400 hotel rooms, 60 apartments and 12 private chalets. They’ll also have three pools outside, 2 large ones and 1 small one for kids. They’ll also have an indoor pool. Click continue below for all the pictures I took. Completion date is set for May 2010.

The picture above is outside the main lobby entrance. There will be a huge fountain in the middle and the cars drive up around it. The lobby entrance would be to the left in this picture.

If you stand in the lobby you can see the resort from the beginning till the end. There is a fountain in the middle of the lobby, the water from there flows across the lobby down a waterfall and continues to flow outside towards the see. There are a lot of water used all around the resort as part of the design.

All the rooms have these wooden panels which you can slide open and close for privacy and shade.

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  1. Oh my god this looks amazing! I can’t wait, I used to love going to Messilah as a child :)

  2. me says:

    who is the owner?

  3. Mark says:

    same owners as before

  4. faisal says:

    That’s what i would call A RESORT

  5. سالم ولد بوسالم says:

    but where r the pools?

  6. skyline says:

    Not bad at all .. i just have some clarification on the name .. Jumierah is the beach side area in Dubai similar to messiela so haveing two area names for a hotel wouldn’t be that cool i guess.

    although i think that Jumeirah Intenational Hotels is the company who’s gonna run it but its just a thought !!

  7. Mark says:

    I added descriptions under some of the pictures.

  8. skyline says:

    Thanks Mark .. i just visited thier web site and made it confirmed .. its gonna be an add to Kuwait Hotels scene.

  9. Realist says:

    What restaurants are going to open there ? A noodle house better than the crappy one near johnny carinos ?

  10. Mark says:

    I don’t remember exactly, I think there are 6 but all upscale so no noodle house.

  11. Laila says:

    Thank you for posting this mark. I actually hated the place because I couldn’t go back home due to the construction (we live next to the hotel), and the Messila beach mania on weekends.

  12. Wazza says:

    Frankly the place looks like a prison to me. I would say more disappointing than impressive considering the fact that its been taking them like a million years to build.

  13. Patrick says:


    Describe a prison? Open spaces, palm trees, buildings covered with windows? Because that’s what I see in those pictures.

  14. Photon says:

    This is simply amazing! Wow.
    I am really impressed, I gotta visit it once its done!
    HAVE TO! :P

  15. wi-fi says:

    mark have u spoted the gym ?

  16. Abbas Khan says:

    Very impressive ceiling / shades. those inner cuts must have taken a long time to do & paint. The maintainance will be tough.

    But no doubt it is impressive. or i’d say worth the wait.

    Lets see wat the Hayat Regency comes up with, they r also planning to open too.

  17. laziale says:

    I like it , but i hope they ban serving shisha inside the Hotel and ban starbucks , it will lose the privacy and attract unwanted people and its going to be like Hilton manqaf !

  18. Mohi says:

    looks good, but without booze all hotels and resorts suck

  19. ^B says:

    For those interested, the resort’s architects are Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; they’ve also designed the Al Hamra Tower under construction in downtown Kuwait [the one next to Arraya].

    I’m glad this place is finally shaping up. The details are intricate, the programs are efficient and the overall design is very appropriate to the regional vernacular.

    Here’s hoping it actually opens on time, though…

  20. ohyeah says:

    the place where the meselah resort located is very dangerous as you know guys…swimming …fishing in this area is not allowed…and at least they need 3 years to clean it…..any way from the pictures I think they can use it as university lol it dose not look like a hotel at all!!!…its more like a university….ya salam private beach….pools…heheheh cool university….they can call it Resort University of Kuwait…lol RUK

  21. a says:

    Did you mean “Sneak Peek”

  22. Mark says:

    ohyeah: I am surprised no one has come up with that idea before, a Resort University, I would sign up.

  23. Mark says:

    wow don’t know what happened but I accidentally deleted my post while fixing peak to peek. glad wordpress keeps copies of all my changes!

  24. Qortuba says:

    The owner of this hotel is Mubarak Al-Hasawi, His house is next to the Hotel and Massila Aqua Park

  25. Lexicon says:

    it actually does look like a modern university…or a hotel from the 1990s

  26. Jai Ho! to JM beach resort says:

    A cabin crew friend of mine who used to be put up at the Messilah Beach during their Kuwait layovers in the 70s and 80s can vouch that the hotel accomodation was haunted, and I can vouch that she was not the one to get high ever. Let’s hope things shape up differently this time around. What they need is to hire the services of a good feng shui/ vastu consultant and be done with the haunting spirit.

  27. dotsNpink says:

    aaawww its gonna be pretty!!!

  28. ynoon says:

    mark could u find out why the ‘Jumeirah’ name appear in such a project?!

  29. Mark says:

    ynoon because Jumeirah will be managing the hotel.

  30. Shli7f says:

    If its Jumeirah, then i think this is gonna turn out to be the best Hotel in Kuwait….Mashallah, laih hnee wsalaw…:)

    Can’t wait to experience Jumeirah in Kuwait….

  31. zaydoun says:

    You said the magic word “Jumeirah”

  32. zaydoun says:

    Btw… the Regency is open for business. I hear it looks nice too

  33. Zen on Zain says:

    On a different note why is it the case that projection execution in Kuwait always seems to take on an elephantine gestation??
    The Missoni, Salmiya and the Symphony Mall are a case in point.

  34. ell;* says:

    i have a feeling that some year, Kcamp will be there…

  35. wi-fi says:

    I repeat ..

    any gym ?

  36. suspic says:

    The design looks out-dated even though it’s brand new.

    It looks like a 90’s resort.

  37. katukoa says:

    The design looks appropriate for Kuwait’s climate and culture. Better than the lush&posh of Dubai’s hotels.

  38. Mark says:

    Yes there will be a gym

  39. K5 says:

    do they have the subscribtion packages out yet?

  40. wi-fi says:

    thanks ..

    I was expecting adding some pictures for the gym

    maybe next time ..

  41. Mark says:

    Its not completed yet, the project is set to finish May 2010.

  42. homoud says:

    thank mark but im sorry i dont like it looks so mmmmmm dubai projects!

  43. fahad says:

    they were working on this for ages i still remember going to school everyday and watch them still building it

  44. badreah says:

    Does anyone know who to get in touch with about leasing retail space in the hotel?

  45. myra says:

    wow….this is fantastic

  46. SnakeMan says:

    Any update on the opening date? I see Jumeirah has added their banner up now which is clearly visible as you head down the 6th.

  47. Sonny says:

    I used to go to the hotel in 1975 & did enjoy it. Hope this will be a good experience. It will all depend on the staff.

  48. Spy says:

    opening date feb 2012

  49. mike says:

    Looking forward to the opening, now all that’s needed is a colourful array of guests.

  50. fais says:

    why not yet open????

  51. Uzma says:

    Guys don’t ever do business with the managment of the hotel. They will
    call you for samples, expensive sample pieces and then they stop picking up your phones. Forget giving you business, they actually will not return your samples!!!
    I want to know where can I complain about this and who are the owners??
    Please help!!

  52. Haybarns says:

    The owners are the Al Hasawi (spelling may not be correct) family.
    Best of luck

  53. Pinto says:

    Is the hotel opening end of this year?

  54. nah says:

    The hotel will be opening March, 2013. The healthclub is going to be for hotel guests only, at least for now. Worth the wait, trust me ;)

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