MSN Blocked at Work?

Post by Mark

Is MSN blocked at your office? Still want to be able to get on and chat with friends? This is a solution. Use to chat via your web browser, but it most probably would be blocked by your company so access e-messenger using a proxy service like Anonymizer, Proxify or installing your own proxy service on your server for free using PHProxy. Go to the url which is a similified version of e-messenger and log in. You should now be able to chat with your friends from your office.

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  1. flamingoliya says:


  2. Talal says:

    Have you tried It’s a browser-based version of MSN. Trés crappy and slow and basic, but it does the job…

  3. ananyah says:

    i have better than that!

    download a program called HOPSTER which opens ur ports and overwrites the firewalls on your computer to allow you to use MSN, IRC, KAZZAA etc :)

    Works wonders at university

  4. moe says:

    well, JAP does the job too,

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