WiMD is Now B.Wireless

Post by Mark

Over the past couple of months I’ve been getting emails and tweets from readers asking me if the internet provider WiMD shutdown. None of their social media accounts work anymore so people are assuming they must have closed down. Well the answer is no, they haven’t closed down. Instead, WiMD have just done a pretty terrible job at letting people know that they’ve renamed and rebranded to B.Wireless.

Last year WiMD purchased the internet provider GulfNet and a couple of months ago WiMD rebranded GulfNet to B.Online, then rebranded WiMD to B.Wireless and then created a mother company called B.Global which both now fall under. It’s kinda B.Confusing just because of the fact the names are so generic and they renamed their social media accounts but didn’t really tell anyone. I’m a WiMD customer and I didn’t even get an email letting me know about the rebranding or renaming. The only reason I found out is because their marketing manager had told me they were going to rebrand and then sent me the presentation to check out. Not even the WiMD website mentions the renaming.

So if you want WiMD, their new social media accounts are:
Instagram: @bwirelesskw
Twitter: @bwirelesskw

Their website is still wimd.com.kw

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  1. WI says:

    So will there be any better pricing from the new branding?

    • Hussien says:

      They called me offering extra 6 months if I buy 1 year subscription. However, I always advise everyone I meet to stay away from this company. They F***ed me before when I tried to be a subscription and took my money for about 2 months without giving me the service because a tall building was blocking their wireless tower and it took them forever to refund me. Of course I had to go to their office to pick up my refund. I’m totally against going for this company.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Generic names, what difference between each service.

  3. DeReD says:

    How is the performance during dust storms like the one today?

  4. just-no says:


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