Aramex new logo and new prices

Post by Mark

Aramex Logo

I just got an email from Aramex regarding their new prices for Shop&Ship. Starting July 1st the new prices are as follows:

First ½ kg K.D. 3.000
Each additional ½ kg K.D. 2.500

Thats nearly a 25% increase! I also noticed Aramex launched a new identity with the prices, perfect timing. Welcome to the new revamped and more expensive Aramex… I am sticking to U Shop We Ship for my packages.

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  1. CoCa says:

    I hate them !! .. pooor customer service … Ship and shop take 8 days to reach my door !! …
    its already expensive ! and now 25% increase !! too much ..
    let me see what is u shop we ship ..

  2. tiger says:

    Mark, with usws i get most of my packages held in customs, aramex none, and they ask you to sign and pay nearly 20 kd to get it out for you, thats a ripoff, i got my packages out of customs in an hour and paying 5 kd, why the hell do they charge that much to do the work for you?

  3. Enigma says:

    How much are the charges for USWS?

  4. ar53nal14 says:

    WHAT?! I ordered something and it’s gonna arrive on Saturday! Will i have to pay the new prices or the old ones?! Last time they increased the prices was less than 6 months ago!

  5. K.theKuwaiti says:

    They couldn’t have made it 2.750 / 2.250??

  6. Ahmad says:

    Didn’t they just raise their prices??

  7. Nobu says:

    USWS site doesn’t have much info like where they’re located and how much they charge, not even in the FAQ section! Some links are not links, just dead text and now their entire website is gone! It says server error!

  8. 3baid says:

    Aramex new logo and new worse prices.

  9. blasha says:

    i ain’t defending anyone, esp aramex… They sux in every way possible, BUT, increasing the prices is a MUST since the oil prices got so high!!!! How you think they bring the packages here? On camels??? The use planes that use fuel that is made out of oil that price got way off charts!!!!

  10. Mark says:

    DHL and USWS don’t seem to have a problem

  11. Laialy_q8 says:

    I want to see the market research they did in order to come to this conclusion

  12. DVLz says:

    I know about their new logo a while ago. If you see their older one with caps your going to see a –> sign between the letter EX, Which was originally created by FedEX. As for their services yeah it depends from one person to another. Sometimes shipment do go to Dubai before arriving to Kuwait that is why its delayed.

  13. Mark says:

    new logo got launched like yesterday

  14. UncleBenz says:

    I really want to look into alternatives!

    Mark since you know better about USWS and Aramex can you do us a brief comparison! price, customer service, duration, payment methods, etc

  15. naser m says:

    i like aramex,they never messed up my orders and never got stuck in customs. im willing 2 stick with their lame increase

  16. BB says:

    I hate the shipping service in GENERAL
    and I hate ARAMEX much more

  17. Bader says:

    i’m sticking with USWS, though i am receiveing my packages really late for a while now, anyone with the same problem?

  18. Ali says:

    yesterday i received my shipment from DHL which has a total weight of 20 kilos, they charged me 320 K.D. ( cause they calculated the volume weight as 71 kilos!) that was my first shipment by DHL and definitely going to be the last ( in addition to the high price, it took 1 month to arrive)

  19. orgthingy says:

    As long as they deliver it in less than 14 days (2 weeks) then I’d be happy.. ! i always needed these kind of services anyway

  20. DVLz says:

    “new logo got launched like yesterday”

    Mark : Officially to the public yes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own sources :)

  21. q8dizer says:

    maybe this is off topic but I heard that amazon are opening in UAE??

  22. highsky says:

    Fedex is the best for shipping in general ,but im not sure about companies that help in shipping after shopping wish to know guys

  23. sal says:

    Why 25% Up ?
    Already expensive !!!!

  24. DVLz says:

    “maybe this is off topic but I heard that amazon are opening in UAE??”

    International Sites: Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | Japan | France | China

    Do you see UAE in the list if not then thats not true :)

  25. ChiefQ8 says:

    25% increase!?! this is ridiculous

  26. Abdullah says:

    is for the 1st lb or Kg ? I think it is pound

  27. Mark says:

    First half Kg

  28. VirusX says:


  29. Moe says:

    oy can i ship through USWS while buying from ???!!!

  30. Zahed says:


  31. In Dubai it’s from 30 Dhms to 39 for the first half kilo, and 20 to 30 dhms for each following half kilo.

  32. Z says:

    Zeeeeeezow !!!!! USWS all the wayyyyy !!!!!!!

  33. Mark says:

    Zahed you owe me a shani!

  34. Zahed says:

    ok ok ok mark il buy one shani yalla tistahil

  35. Amanco says:

    They should justify their increase with oil by dividing the price more for the 1st 1/2 Kilo, i.e.
    100gram for 1.000KD
    200gram for 1.500KD
    300gram for 2.000KD
    400gram for 2.500KD
    500gram for 3.000KD

  36. Sensible girl says:

    I hope I get my things before the 1st of July.. and they don’t purposely delay the shipments till their prices increase :s

  37. Khaled says:

    they raised the prices here as well, now its 35SR per half kilo .. but 1 pound is not 1/2 kilo, those idiots!

    65SR for the first, same as old…

    I think I will try now before the new prices, myus prices were.. acceptable on heavier items…

    Anyone here tried

  38. Khaled says:

    So they had enough money to change their logo

    I mean,

    They DID NOT have enough money to change their logo :)

  39. salman says:


  40. salman says:


  41. judy says:

    do u even know what u are taliking about, u horrible creature!! what is the shipping mode u selected?? 7 days or 15 days…..go read ur contract idiot. I have shipped with AMX for last 5 years without a problem. U all suck for sure.

  42. Khaled says:

    why do we all suck :(

    Anyway, Aramex in Saudi are defaulting to 3 times a week without giving you a choice.

    There are over 6000 members now in Riyadh alone and yet they still increased the price (they increased $5 to 6, 7 7.50 and now 9, or 35SR)… grr is getting more attractive

  43. Makiko says:

    I have used for years and they have great customer service and packages alwasy arrive in 2-3 days.

    I think Aramex does this as a side business to get more shipping volume and really dont care about these customers.

  44. Khaled says:

    So true, @makiko, their “customer support” system is useless as well :(

  45. Anne says:

    ushopweship cheaters!

    First your payments are reculculated into KD using excessively high rate, second my package was delivered withing USA using ups tracable service and they stated the weight as 2.7 lb, then ushopweship charged me for the weight of 4 lb, which is 2 kg!
    Their low prices only seem low!

    Stay away!

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