Geo’s Arrival

Post by Mark

Geo arrived yesterday night at 12:05AM via KLM. When I had spoken to a KLM representative earlier in the day he told me I needed only 30 minutes to clear Geo once he arrives.. what bullshit. After 2 hours of running around to 6 different locations at the airport cargo terminal and after going and coming between these 6 offices a total of 11 times, I was finally able to clear Geo and take him home. Mind you I was the only one there clearing anything and it took me over 2 hours so you could imagine how painfully long the process would be during the day when every trader in Kuwait is at the cargo terminal clearing their products. All the employees were very nice and tried their best to get all our papers completed asap but its just a lot of stuff that needed to be signed and at full speed it just wasn’t possible to take less then 2 hours. Oh a strange thing, we were sitting at the vets office at the terminal and one guy there was like did you check on your dog, is he alive? I was like no I hadn’t seen my dog yet but what the fuck, do dogs arrive here dead? The guy was like yeah, many times the dog arrives to Kuwait and its dead. I am guessing this happens often during the summer when they keep the dogs locked up in their tiny travel cages for over 2 hours in the hot summer heat waiting for their owners to get all their paperwork done.

Anyway we get home and Geo is all active and shit and wants to play. So we play. We figured he probably just was so bored trapped in his cage and he just wants to let off some steam. So we played with him until 4AM and Geo was still jumping around all excited. We decide to lock him up in his area downstairs and go up and sleep. His area consists of half the bottom floor of our apartment separated by a 1 meter high fence. His area is around 4×6 meters and the floor is covered in vinyl in case he goes to the bathroom indoors the mess would be easier to clean up. So we lock him up and go upstairs and Geo starts to whine which we were expecting. Suddenly he stops and I was thinking wow that was easier then I expected and so I decided to sneak downstairs quietly to watch Geo sleep. So I am standing in the stairway trying to sneak a peak at Geo sleeping but I couldn’t find him in his area. Suddenly I see Geo walking out of the first floor bathroom casually.. he had escaped from his area! So I realized there was a weakness in my fence design and Geo was able to squeeze out from the far side of the fence. I solve that issue by blocking his escape route with his travel cage. I go back upstairs and I am about to go to sleep when suddenly Nat is like “Mark, Geo is here”. He had escaped again! So I went back down and realized he had climbed over his travel cage and then over the fence. So I solved that problem also and on my way up the stairs I look back and I see Geo squeezing out from between two fences. Fucking A thats like 3 prison breaks in 15 minutes. Good thing I don’t design prisons for a living. We decided to solve the fence issue the next day and for the night he could sleep with us in our bedroom. That didn’t work out the way we planned it either. Geo spent the whole night whining wanting to play with us. At around 7AM we all fell asleep. 9AM I wake up to realize Nat and Geo were missing, seemed they both had woken up at 8AM and Nat made him breakfast and took him down for a walk. It was a totally sleepless night.

We spent most of today fixing his fence issue and taking naps whenever we could. I wasn’t able to post more details earlier because I was dead tired but I just woke up from a 30 minute nap and I feel a bit more energized. I spoke to Fadibou on the phone and we will be meeting up with him and his dog Mikki at Marina Crescent later tonight.

Overall I am really glad we got Geo. He turned out to be much more cuter then his pictures had shown him to be and he is also a lot bigger then I expected. He is silly and dumb at times (like yesterday he got introduced to the concept of a glass door after ramming into it 2 times) and loves playing with Amazon boxes. He doesn’t bark and he’s extremely playful. I will record a video of him soon and upload it once I get my DSL connection back at home. For now I just have the picture I posted earlier today.

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  1. Pearls says:

    wow, you went through a lot for Geo, but he’s so worth it!

  2. Mo Hat says:

    lol that is like a typical episode of a sitcom. Well congrats on obtaining Geo and with Kuwait Airways especially, the big man must be on your side. ;-)

  3. Mo Hat says:

    Offtopic but Btw PS2 owners 24: The Game gets released tomorrow in ri7ab. Be sure to grab it.

  4. متابع says:


    we want to see more pic for him and his “room” or even a vedio when he play :)

  5. Ms Baker says:

    Mark and Nat-

    Congratulations, new mommy and daddy!

    Ms Baker

  6. Yazeed says:

    taking him out so soon?

    hope everything goes well

  7. ananyah says:

    awww just wait til u have ur own kids :P geo is great practise for fatherhood :D

    glad geo arrived in one piece!

    what are you feeding him? pedigree meat chunks in gravy is yummy (my dog used to munch that like crazy!)

  8. Mo Hat says:

    No ananyah they’re giving Geo a healthy life, the raw meat diet.

  9. holla says:

    dude Mark dogs are supposed to sleep with you in the bed. i miss my pets so much they made sleeping so much easier :( waaaaah geo is so lovely

  10. rv says:

    haha!! cute and smart dog!

  11. KuwaiTi Mal Awal says:

    thank god it’s alive. thats all it matters. i think the dog is still jet lagged and not on kuwait timing :P

  12. ananyah says:

    too much raw meat is bad for dogs lol it hurts their belly and b4 u know it, geo will be poopin’ all over the place :P

  13. Marzouq says:

    congrats on Geo the escape artist! He doesnt know what a glass door is but knows every possible way around the fence! lol! Goodstuff!

  14. Mark says:

    Ananyah raw meat if VERY healthy for dogs while canned food isnt. Raw meat won’t hurt their belly and actually works better with their body and their digestive system. If your dog is used to eating canned food and you start feeding him raw meat his body would need around a week to adjust.

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