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Posted by Mark

This is a very simple app which allows you to track incoming and departing flights at the Kuwait Airport. Back in the old days (I’m talking around 2001-2002 here) the Kuwait Airport website was terrible (kinda like now) but it had one very cool feature. When you accessed the airport website from a PDA browser, it wouldn’t take you to the regular website but instead take to a very simple white background site with just a list of incoming flights on it. It was PERFECT! A lot of times when I needed to check the arrivals list it would usually be when I’m on my way to the airport and from a mobile device. That simplified version of the website made things very practical and I was actually really surprised the airport website had that feature. Sadly, this cool feature disappeared years ago without a trace.

Which brings me to this app. It’s fast and focused. It’s actually the fastest launching app on my iPhone right now. So fast I actually had a VERY difficult time capturing a screenshot of the splash screen. Once the app loads it downloads the list of arriving and departing flights and you’re set. You can then scroll down the lists or search for a specific flight number or airline.

There are no negatives other than the fact the app isn’t free. You can download it from the App Store by searching for Kuwait Airport or by following this [Link]

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  1. Yeni says:

    This app is completely inaccurate most of the time. You should really try things out before recommending them on your blog. I’ve had this app for over a year and its rarely ever accurate, utter garbage. Use “Flight Board” its a much better app and works with almost all the world’s airports.

    • Mark says:

      Not sure how the app is completely inaccurate. Maybe you were using a different one. This one pulls information directly from the airport website so if the data in the app is incorrect then the data on the kuwait airport website is also incorrect.

      One way of testing the accuracy if you want is to load up the app and compare it to the results on the airport website. They’re a perfect match.

      So the app works and is very accurate hence why I’ve mentioned it.

    • Mark says:

      One more thing, you say that you’ve had the app for over a year but the App was released on 21 November 2011.

  2. kurosaki says:

    This app available in Android a long time ago. :)

  3. q80saracen says:

    Lol…funniest interaction ever.

  4. wt says:

    So should I buy it or not? If it’s just like the kuwait airport website but simplified then it’s worth it I guess

  5. rr says:

    mark update ur 248am app on the iPhone it does look bad nw!!

  6. Kent says:

    Check out flightboard. You can see flights from airports worldwide

  7. amadotti says:

    This service should be offer through Kuwait Airline for free. As most airlines do.

  8. Rasha says:

    PixilApp have one for the Kuwait airport and it’s for free on iPhone and Android! Pretty usefull too and released before this one :)

    no i don’t work for them but it was among the first apps i downloaded on my phone!

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