Sneak Peek: Missoni Hotel

Post by Mark

Back in 2008 I posted about how Missoni Hotel was going to open up here in Kuwait and yesterday I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek tour of the place.

I noticed two things when I first walked into the lobby, the first was the amount of colors that filled the place and the second was the cleaning lady vacuuming using a Dyson. The hotel is full of beautiful summer colors and wild fabric designs that magically seem to all work together. I spent the whole time amazed at how tasteful everything was put together, it’s just incredible the amount of thought and work that went into it.

The second thing I noticed as I mentioned earlier was the Dyson vacuum cleaner but I then also spotted Bang & Olufsen speakers in the lobby ceiling followed by Bang & Olufsen TV’s in the hotel rooms. I even spotted Bodum toasters and very cool looking pots and pans in one of the hotel rooms mini kitchenettes. It’s a hotel that’s design driven, from the typeface the hotel room numbers are written in to the power plug sockets in the wall, everywhere you look you see good design which is very rare to see here in Kuwait.

They have 169 rooms so it’s not a small boutique hotel and the majority of their staff are from Italy so really once you walk into the hotel you could easily forget you were in Kuwait. The rooms had some very beautiful furniture which I right away asked if they were going to be available for purchase (turns out they will be). The hotel launches March 1st and they’re located in Salem Mubarek Street opposite American University of Kuwait in the same building where Symphony Mall is. I shot the pictures in this post but they will be sending me some more pictures which I will add to this post once I get them.

Update: Arabian Business has some more pictures which you can check [Here]

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  1. DeQor8 says:

    Can’t wait to see it .. my wife has been inside .. will post some pics soon inshallah

  2. ariston says:

    luv the set-up and designs… :)

  3. ab7ag says:

    now i know what all these young italians were doing in sultan center last night!!!

  4. FYI says:

    the place looks great, only thing missing is a 70’s groove style bar.

  5. Marcel says:

    Pfff…, I’m glad that you liked the hotel so much Mark. This opinion will save you at least another Trial (and perhaps also a lot of money) ;-)

    Suggestion: don’t share with us your critical opinion about the hamburger meals or any other subject. Always write positive, even if it means that you have to lie.

    I’m really very sorry to say this, but it is the only way for you to survive this attack on your Blog.

    Each bad taste hamburger can cost you from now on possibly a lot of money, due to any other ‘insulted’ manager. Especially if you bought it from an international famous brand or a food chain, it may result into your bankruptcy.

    Criticism can hurt and unfortunately not many professional organizations or people can deal with this phenomenon. Instead of improving their business or reconsider their believes, it seems to be easier to “kill the messenger”.

  6. HI ! Mark , im a student that is finishing my research ,currently here in a coffee shop , just want to ask you as a part of my research , do you usually accept money in exchange for a good comment to any establishment like the comment that you have did for Missoni Hotel ? My next question is I have heard your radio station interview in your on this site and you have mentioned there that you “ARE A BLOGGER , YOU MAKE MONEY OF OUT IT AND MAKE IT FOR A LIVING ” May i know on what do you mean by that ?. Thank You and i do hope that you gonna answer my questions to help me on my research .Cheers !

    • Mark says:

      Hey Passerby, I don’t accept money in exchange for good (or bad) comments on the blog and I’ve never accepted money in exchange for me to post something.

      Currently the only way this blog generates money is by banners which you can see on the right hand side, in the forum and in the iPhone app. These are the only means of advertisements available to companies.

      When I like something or say something is good its because it’s good. Simple as that.

  7. Hey Mark ! Thank You for the response . But i think that you cannot BUY me on what you said . Please do not insult my inteligence !,I can see that all of on your blog and what ever is posted is a TEATRO and this is the subject of my reasearch and it is showned clear in the comment above . Hope you beleive in the freedom of speech and post it anyway . Cheers !

  8. Mark says:

    Just a note, if anyone has questions or needs anything cleared up you can always contact me. I have a habit of answering all my emails no matter what so please email me if you need anything and lets stay on subject here.


  9. meh says:

    What restaurant will be in the hotel?

  10. el Shahlab says:

    You make me want to visit Kuwait! :)

  11. cosmonaut says:

    I have a 248am tattoo btw.

  12. Sara D. says:

    Oh my god love the colors!! Very fresh and pretty :)

  13. expataussiegal says:

    Gotta love a dyson, the vacuum cleaner of all vacuum cleaners….

  14. victor says:

    mark can you please check the ip address of passerby student…with some good background check, and a bit of luck , you might be pleasantly surprised and be able to use it in your lawsuit..

  15. FJ says:

    its a beautiful massoni hotel as im a part of it aswell .. and as i can see it.. gonna be rocking after completion ! so fine detailed work !

  16. Dana says:

    WOOOW ! Cant wait to see it :P

  17. FJ says:

    The Pre-opening of Missoni Hotel was on 1st March’ 2011

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