Beer prices in Kuwait one of the highest in the world

Post by Mark


One of my favorite news sources Quartz just published a list of the cheapest beer prices in the world as well as the most expensive. On the list of cheapest beer prices, Saudi Arabia came fourth which kinda makes sense since I know non alcoholic beer like Barbican are super popular there. Quartz also put up a list of the most expensive beers in the world and thats where Kuwait comes in.


According to their data, the price of 0.5L of draught beer is $6.48. Problem is I don’t know of any place in Kuwait that serves draught beer (that’s beer from a tap). Quartz assumes the reason the price of beer in Kuwait is expensive is because it’s illegal and link to a post of mine from last year in which I had published the prices of alcohol in Kuwait (taken from a newspaper). Problem is if the price was based on illegal alcoholic beer then Kuwait would top the chart. The price I had posted was around KD150-KD180 for a case. A case has 24 cans and KD150 is around $530. 24 cans x 330ml = 7.92L ÷ 0.5L = 15.84. $530 ÷ 15.84 = $33.4. So the price of 0.5L of beer in Kuwait is $33.4 which is a lot more than $6.48.

Anyway check out their article [Here]

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  1. Hama says:

    il7imdilah hopefully less people bring it into our country. please just respect the rules.. yes others mostly ignored but this is one of the most important..

  2. Asian says:

    Saudi – Beer is one of the cheapest?!?!?

  3. djones says:

    Just putting this out there. The embassies have beer on tap – and price it at that amount. The embassies also are very good at handing off cases to employees although that’s the canned stuff mostly.

    and now i withdraw

  4. Ashraf says:

    BTW Mark, that’s some calculation you’ve done there :P *Thumbs up*

  5. ariston says:

    Salivating… just by reading the list.. :P

  6. zaydoun says:

    Even if every Islamist changed their mind, it’s a bit too late for alcohol to be allowed in Kuwait because of a lethal combination of an aggressive, lawless population and weak, ineffectual government that can’t do its job

    Alcohol can very easily be regulated to be served only in hotels and maybe some high end restaurants with the proper permits, priced out of reach from the average citizen.. but that would involve, you know, actual work and management which nobody wants to do

    Also, a couple of generations have grown up without legal alcohol and would just go apeshit if they got their hands on it. Imagine the bloodbaths in our streets and public areas! All that aggression made worse by alcohol

    To prove my point, look at Bahrain. Alcohol is legal there and yet most Bahrainis are ambivalent about it. All the weekend trouble is caused by deprived drunk Saudis!

    Besides, many respected Islamic scholars are still debating whether the verse in the Quran banning alcohol actually meant a total ban, or simply not going to the mosque while drunk… discuss!

    • Qabazard says:

      The Kuwaiti government and monarchy no longer support Islamists so the opinion of Islamists is irrelevant. The only reason alcohol is banned is because the sheikhs and merchants are profiting off the black market sales. They won’t profit much from legalized alcohol because the price will go down. Car accidents will also increase, youth violence at malls will increase too. Kuwait has the highest rate of road accidents in the world, if alcohol is legalized there will be so many more accidents per day.

      The generations who’ve grown up without legal alcohol can easily obtain alcohol, the black market’s most loyal customers are Kuwaitis. Kuwaiti youth aren’t deprived like Saudi men.

      When alcohol get’s legalized in Kuwait (10 or 20 years from now), it will be legal for the average citizen not just ”hotels and high end restaurants”.

      Kuwaitis are not Qataris/Emiratis. Many Kuwaiti men drinks, whether at a diwaniya or abroad.

      The Kuwaiti elite (old-money merchants, Al Sabah and founding families) are liberal and most drink. The Kuwaiti elite don’t care about the Islamists. In contrast, the Qatari elite are mainly Islamists so alcohol is restricted from Muslims.

      Most Bahrainis are ambivalent about alcohol because most Bahrainis are economically disadvantaged and suffer from state-mandated sectarian discrimination. They have too many problems, alcohol and partying are the last things on their minds.

  7. drwho says:

    Fyi There are more than one verse that bans alcohol in Quran.

    • me says:

      not everyone in kuwait is a muslim and i’m pretty sure there are muslims who drink as well..just sayin
      Alhamdulilah i\m a muslim

  8. Sfsa78 says:

    An interesting find on the internet…

    “However, Islam seems to have an opposition to alcohol that is not justified by the Koran’s text. While I’ve been able to find the bit about not eating pork, I can’t find anything forbidding alcohol. The strongest thing it says on the subject is effectively ‘Do not go drunk to your prayers.’ This particular verse (Chapter 4 verse 43 ) implicitly seems to permit the drinking of alcohol.”

    • me says:

      With regards to the prohibition of intoxicants in the Quran we read the following two premises:

      1- “God prohibited all “ithm” (sin)” 7:33
      2- “They ask you about intoxicants and gambling: say, “In them there is a gross “ithm” (sin), and some benefits for the people. But their sinfulness far outweighs their benefit.” 2:219
      3- Conclusion : Intoxicants, when used in any way which induces “Ithm” (sin), as in getting drunk or taking drugs to get high, would by definition be prohibited by God since all “ithm” is prohibited by God.

  9. me says:

    and just out of curiosity why exactly would you go on an atheist site to look for something related to Quran?
    thats quite weird

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