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Hardware for Windows “Longhorn”

At lunch, a friend was telling me and Tivo-Guy about how the majority of current Windows systems, new and old are not going to be compatible with Windows Longhorn. He gave me a link with the the Graphics Hardware requirements as an example to check out since Longhorn also needs certain types of VGA cards to run. Here is the link but I warn you its geek zone. [Link]

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Got Spam?

I have a couple of email accounts which I check on my Mac using The problem is like many I get a lof of spam through out the day. I already trained to spot junk emails but its not perfect and so I decided to find a better solution. A while back I found a software called JunkMatcher. JunkMatcher is a software that integrates with It gives you a lot more junk mail options and it already comes built-in with a whole set of rules. With my upgrade to Tiger, JunkMatcher stopped working but recently they updated the software and now its Tiger compatible. So download it and try it, you won’t even notice its there. [Link]

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I Won a Microsoft Mouse!

Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse

Today at lunch time I collected my gift, a brand new Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse. I won it from Fadibou, the Microsoft guru 2 days ago because I told him I loved the Xbox. This mouse turned out to be a lot smaller and practical then I thought. You don’t need drivers or anything to start using it and works with Macs and PCs. There is a small USB receiver which you plugin to an empty USB slot and you are ready to start using the mouse. When you want to put the mouse away, the small USB receiver snaps onto the underside of the mouse! Although the mouse is tiny it fits very snugly into my large hands because of the way the mouse is shaped. It also uses just 1 AA sized battery which provides it with enough juice for over 3 months of use.

To get more information or to purchase the mouse for $34 click here (