GulfRun Carshow this weekend

Post by K.theKuwaiti

GulfRun is starting off this week with the Carwash and Sticker at Al-Falah Carwash on Wednesday and the GulfRun Carshow (Marina Mall Crescent) on Thursday and Friday. Next week the cars head off the Bahrain International Circuit for GulfRun4.

GulfRun Blog:

GulfRun is going to be taking over Marina mall this weekend from Thursday at 5pm until Friday at 10pm, before they head to Bahrain International Circuit for the GulfRun4.

In addition to having the participating race cars on show; Title Sponsor Al-Fahad Travel and Tourism and Gold Sponsor Magic – Natural Energy Drink- will be having their booths present along several exhibitor booths at Marina crescent. They will be showing off everything from Modified cars (Kromozone), Mitsubishi Evo-X and Eclipse(Al-Mulla), Ford (Arabian Motors Group), KTM/Ducati /BMW Motorcycles (TriStar Motorcycles) and even Tamiya Toy cars (My Toy).

List of participating cars [here]
Schedule of events [here] and [here]

Posted by K.

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TriStar: New look, same great bikes

Post by Mark


I passed by TriStar over the weekend to pick up a battery charger. I hadn’t passed by them since the beginning of summer and was surprised to see they’ve actually redecorated and expanded their showroom. The KTM section now is larger and actually has a quick service section while the rest of the showroom was shuffled around to create more room. I’ve got more pictures after the jump.

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KTM RC8 in Kuwait

Post by Mark


I just got an SMS from the KTM dealer TriStar that the new RC8 is now on display in their showroom. I am not sure what color they have displayed but white is my favorite on it.

Update: It looks like Marzouq bought it!

Update2: The Adrenaline Fix has a picture of the RC8 in the showroom [Link]

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Ride-to-Save Drive 2008

Post by Mark

I got the following in my email today:

Gear up to save lives!

Dar Al Shifa Hospital and the Kuwait BMW Motorcycles Club are delighted to cordially invite you to the first annual Ride-to-Save Drive 2008. Kuwait’s first ever motorcycling event committed to raising blood donation awareness.

The event will be held on Saturday, 19th April, 2008 starting 3:00 pm at the Green Island parking lot.

Join motorcycling enthusiasts as they ride from Green Island to Dar Al Shifa Hospital, Hawally to symbolically demonstrate their support towards the importance and benefits of blood donation. To practise what they preach, the participants will also donate blood at the Hospital after the ride.

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White Ducati 848

Post by Mark

White 848

I stopped by the TriStar dealer to drop off my new wheels to get painted since they have their own in house paint shop. While there I spotted the really really really sexy pearl white Ducati 848. I think its the hottest looking bike out there at the moment.

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New bike or not to bike

Post by Mark

Ducati 999

I’m having mixed thoughts about riding recently. I like riding my bike to work, I like riding it to the super market or to Hawalli whenever I need to get something from Rihab or Ibn Khaldoon street and I like riding it whenever I am bored and have nothing else to do. Problem is the weather in Kuwait is terrible. This year has to be the worst so far. The weather is always dusty and winter was pretty much non existent. I hate riding the bike in the heat because it doesn’t make sense to me, why ride to work all sweaty when I could drive to work with my AC on?

Now though I’ve also gotten pretty bored of my bike. Last year when I had just started riding I was thinking about how fast my bike was and now this year since I’ve started riding a lot more I’ve been thinking about how slow my bike is. This is why I passed by TriStar today who are the Ducati dealers and the place where I had gotten my bike from previously. I didn’t know what I was looking for but I think I’ve found it.

They offered me a really great deal on a brand new glossy black Ducati 999. They’ve got an excellent buy back program so they would be taking my current bike for a really good deal and I would just have to pay the difference on a new bike. I’ve always wanted the smaller version of the 999, the 749 and never considered the 999 until today. Its a brutally violent and unforgiving machine which is why I think I’m attracted to it.

But, when am I going to ride it? Its already hitting 38 degrees so riding season is nearly over and when riding season starts again end of the year it will only last for 3 months tops (ok maybe a bit more I’m spoilt). Its a gorgeous bike though that scares the living hell out of me in a good way.

Just a small commercial break here, if anyone is thinking of buying a motorbike definitely pass by TriStar. They’ve got a really large collection of new and used bikes plus they offer training. Here is a link to their website

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Riding again

Post by Mark

Monster 620i and KTM 690sm

My friend at work has been nagging me to start riding in to work again but I just found the weather too cold to ride. This week the weather has been perfect so I am back to riding to work and although I was originally worried I would freeze my ass off in the morning, it actually isn’t bad at all, refreshing if anything. During lunch I ride with my friend to Souk Sharq and the weather is usually sunny and cool but once the sun goes down in the evening things will get nippier again.

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I miss riding!

Post by Mark

My Bike

It’s riding season again for me. I haven’t ridden for nearly 3 weeks now since the weather got super cold and it started to rain. Now that the weather has gotten better its time to ride again. I cleaned my bike today and started it up to make sure everything is in order. I should start riding to work starting Sunday and I can’t wait.

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TriStar Motorcycles & LoYac open day

Post by Mark

450sx KTM

TriStar in collaboration with Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LoYac) have put together an open day for everyone including children and families. The open day is going to be this coming Friday 25th of January and will be held at the Alahmad Track next to the airport (map below).

TriStar will have a bunch of KTM’s there in different sizes (50sx mini, 85sx, 125sx and 450sx) for everyone to try out including the children. I have been REALLY craving a dirt bike for awhile now so I really want to try out the KTM 450sx (pictured above).

The event will start at 1PM and end at 4PM. TV channels, newspapers and magazines will be covering the event. Red Bull will be serving free beverages and there will also be free snacks for everyone.

The whole event will be free including trying out all the dirt bikes. Only the mini-quad rentals (atv’s) will not be free. If you are interested in coming to the event send an email to Salem with your contact details and how many people will be coming with you. His email is

Here is the map to the track. [Map]

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KTV2 vs Harley Davidson

Post by K.theKuwaiti

Harley Kuwait

Today’s newspapers had a story about a innocent KTV2 reporter getting beatup by a gang of Harley Davidson Bikers. While the storyline was far more interesting then most of KTV2’s current content; I found it to be a bit unbelievable (and biased). Which leads us to ask why would a group of Bikers pull the guy aside and beat him up? (other than watching Wild Hogs a few too many times).

Doing the job that the newspapers should have done .. We decided to speak to the Safety Officer of H.O.G-Kuwait (Harley-Davidson Organization Group), Khalid Abu Jabieen.

The other side of the story (as described by Khalid and 30 odd members of H.O.G), Is that the KTV2 reporter was invited to film them on their weekly drive, and do a story about bikers in Kuwait. The reporter, who showed up by himself, decided to take up the various jobs of full TV crew (cameraman, Driver, Producer) on his own. Between juggling driving the car and recording video, he managed to cause several traffic jams and piss off a few of the drivers and bikers on the road. One thing led to another and one of the drivers (not a member of H.O.G) pulled him over, which then led to a fight. The Harley Davidson Bikers, trying to recover whats left of a ruined day, broke up the fight and continued on their way.

Link to original DailyStar article [Link]
Link to Harley Davidson in Kuwait [Link]
Picture from H.O.G Kuwait Chapter [Link]

-Posted by K

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