Shopping Toys

Tooo much Monopoly

Was checking out what to buy with $15 on Amazon when I found a whole section devoted to Monopoly. There are 3 pages worth of various Monopoly games including a Monopoly Surfing Edition! Check it out.

Interesting Kuwait Toys

Flick Trix

I found the coolest thing at Fantasy World last week, half pipes and bike ramps. Ok they weren’t real size in fact they were tiny. The different type of ramps were Flick Trix bikes. They are small bmx bikes you ride with your fingers and you use the half pipes and ramps to make tricks. They were selling them REALLY cheap, turns out no one was buying them so they had to knock down the prices. A large half pipe for example costs KD1.200 while a BMW bike only 300 fils. I got 2 bikes and 1 half pipe to try it out, and the thing is huge, much larger then I imagine. Today I am going to go to get other types of ramps and bikes. Very cool stuff here is a picture of my half pip with the 2 bikes. [Picture]

Kuwait Toys

Grendizer GX-40S

I am soooo jealous. Puss-In-Boots just got a brand new Grendizer GX-40S complete set. To make things worst she took some really nice pictures just to tease us all with!

Interesting Technology Toys

PodBrix.. Sold out again!

I can’t believe my luck. Around a month ago, a guy took some lego people, painted them black, gave them tiny ipods and then put them on a bright green background and sold these displays for 17$. He was copying the iPod ads and it came out really good. He only made 300 so by the time I got to the site they were sold out. No problem, he said I could sign up to his mailing list and once he makes some new ones he will send out and email and I can buy them. So I just woke up and I am checking my mail and I find one from podbrix. So I go to the website and this times theme is Steve Jobs giving a Keynote speech. Most of you won’t know what this is but basically Steve Jobs (the top guy at Apple) gives speeches and introduces new Apple products at these Keynotes during Apple Expos. So this time the guy is mimicking Steve Jobs giving a speech. So I click on buy now and turns out the guy already sold out all 300 pieces! Now I have to wait for his next version. Sucks.

Toys Videos


HobermanI was at Toys R Us yesterday and guess what I got! A Hoberman Mega Sphere! Today I went back and got two more mini spheres. They are really cool? Want to see it in action, here is a video I shot earlier.

Watch Video [Quicktime Format]

Note: I shot it on the stairs at home since it is the brightest place in the house