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When Muhammad Ali Visited Kuwait – 1972

52 years ago to this day, boxing legend Muhammad Ali visited Kuwait as part of his broader trip to the Gulf region, which included his religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

During his visit to Kuwait, he engaged in various activities including meeting with local leaders, interacting with fans, and spreading messages of peace and unity. He was given a hero’s welcome and everywhere he went he was accompanied by an entourage of famous media personalities and athletes.

Thanks to the archivists Bader Alshaiji, I was able to get a hold of some photos of Muhammad Ali’s visit to share with my readers. A lot of these photos haven’t been seen since they were originally published 50 years ago.

For more photos from Ali’s visit, click here.
Make sure you visit Bader’s Instagram account if you’re interested in more old photos of Kuwait @badshaiji

6 replies on “When Muhammad Ali Visited Kuwait – 1972”

1 of my cousins on mom side was a head coach for Ali for awhile. I never got to meet him. Currently friends with his kids.

Good question, dont know. He was his coach for some time but dont know the years. I met my relative when we moved to the US in 80s. I didnt meet Ali ever.

When Muhammad Ali visited Kuwait – 1972 I was sadly not around. In fact I wasn’t conceived yet so there you have it.

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