What happened with Apple Pay?

Last month the Ministry of Finance and the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority reached an agreement with Apple to operate Apple Pay in Kuwait after removing all the obstacles that prevented the service from operating here.

That announcement was followed by a lot of hype with banks testing Apple Pay and even launching the service on their websites. But, that was a month ago and since then the Apple Pay pages were pulled down from the bank websites and there hasn’t been any news, not even leaked videos or photos.

I wonder what happened since it looked like they were set to launch at the start of the month.

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“Moneys” jumped the gun and announced. “Fruit” got mighty upset that they’re the ones who announce. Several heated meetings took place, “fruit” walked out of meetings and basically said… get lost, we don’t need you, you need us 🤭

In India, Every where QR payment option is available. Every business from roadside seller to biggest brand have Google Pay option. when you use ola/uber, buy movie tickets, purchase vegetables from local market, like almost everything! you can use G-PAY as your payment method. this saves time. you don’t have to worry about not having change instead of using bigger denomination.

Well the comment referred to the topic being discussed i.e. apple pay/cashless transaction. And yes India is ‘one’ of the leading countries in Fintech at the moment.
Just to give you another piece of information, the same Apple pay is widely accepted in neighbouring countries including Saudi and Bahrain.

Seems like Apple waited to teach them a lesson ! or maybe they want to announce Apple Pay in several countries all at once ?

it’s coming. But the thing is apple have a set window on when you can release Apple Pay. (Twice a year) meaning whenever development is done, you can’t simply release it. All banks must also submit it, get it approved. hide it and then coordinate to release it with Kent.

PS: The first comment is total BS.

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