Yesterday while getting my FJ serviced I decided to pass by the dealerships check out if there was anything interesting. One thing I found surprising was the fact a lot of dealerships still had 2015 cars that were unsold. So for example Jeep had a brand new 2015 Grand Cherokee SRT for a heavily discounted price of KD16,000 while a new 2017 model goes for KD24,000. Same with Nissan who had 2015 model year 370’s selling for a heavily discounted price of KD9,000.

Anyway, the cars below are the ones I figured car fanatics might be interested in:

Porsche Cayman GT4 (Pictured on top)
Originally cost around KD26,000-28,000 when they were released but they’re sold out and Porsche aren’t taking any more orders. This one has only 57KM mileage and owner wants KD32,000.

Dodge Viper ACR
I was pretty surprised to find the dealer selling the Viper. With Kuwait Motor Town set to open next year, the ACR version kinda makes sense. They’re asking for KD54,000.

Dodge Viper GTS
This is a 2016 model compared to the ACR which is 2017. The asking price on this version is KD38,000.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat
I was also surprised to see the Hellcat, they’re asking for KD25,000.

Alfa Romeo 4C
Looks great and sitting in it reminded me a lot of the Lotus Exige S but if I had to choose between the two, my heart would say Exige. They’re asking for KD24,000.