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Post by Mark

There is an underground pedestrian passageway in the city that connects four different street corners together. The passageway is located across from Pick Yo and I was just telling a friend of mine a few weeks back that they should start opening up cafe’s down there. Now it looks like that’s going to happen since a hoarding was recently put up down there teasing a new concept. I tried to find out more about the place but all I was able to get is that they will have coffee and some communal aspect. I’m curious to see how the place will function in the summer since the underground area doesn’t have functioning AC and I doubt whatever opens there will have interior seating. Maybe with all the recent foot traffic the underground has started getting because of all the coffeeshops, the municipality might have decided to fix that area up.

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  1. zaydoun says:

    Right in the heart of Gizneyland™

    I seriously think all the banks and real estate companies should pitch in and give this underpass the facelift it deserves, while preserving its character. Just a fresh coat of paint, upgrade the lighting, and update the signage

  2. jm says:

    There is something I like about this underpass. Its Vintage

  3. s says:

    btw this underground cafe already opened during ramadan and is serving home made soft serve and coffee! can u review it please?

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