Bus using the emergency lane

Post by Mark

Cars, trucks and now buses are using the emergency lane during traffic. On the bright side, I was on the 5th Ring Road the other day heading to Avenues and people were driving on the emergency lane (even though traffic wasn’t that bad). Turns out there were cops parked on the emergency lane further down the road and they were stopping all the cars on the emergency lane and giving them tickets.

Photo by Musaed

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  1. Joe says:

    maybe the bus had an emergency?

  2. Umtalal says:

    They need to take stronger action than that. Maybe confiscating their cars will be more effective. Buses are now jumping the queues too, pushing in at exits. They have no respect to the rules and are causing fatal accidents. Bus drivers should be strictly punished for reckless driving, as should anybody else who drives like they own the road.

  3. SONI says:

    wana see bus races ? come on canada dry street at 5 pm and stay till 7 pm ,, u wil see buses racing to pick up passengers
    The road 55 signal with 4th ring road, the buses pushes in the lane just near the signal without any fear.

    buss driver are getting more and more reckless, any one found , should be fired from his job and deported

    today morning 5th ring road accident car totally upside down ,,,
    what is the hurry after all????????

  4. I am waiting for the day …. the day when I’m really pissed by a bus driver and end up sending him to his grave. Seriously they’re the biggest menace to society.

  5. Ahmed Khader says:

    Unfortunately, every single day I see the same sight.. Yukons, Range Rovers and Crown Victorias mostly, using emergency lanes without shame or the least of respect for the law.

    This bus saw all that happening with no effort from the police to stope it, so he thought he’d do the same since breaking the law goes without questioning around here.

    This is really messed up.

  6. berry says:

    my dad always says : never stay behind a bus or beside em

    the worst of thier driving: the damn U turns, the wrong signel turning or not turning! and the damn stopping in the middle of the road to drop or pick someone even though theres no bus stop!!

    why do we need buses in kuwait anyway? they give every tom , dick and harry a licence.

    if they were to remove bus drivers id like them to also remove atleast 3/4 of the bad taxi drivers ,trucks and water tanks and also forginers whi cant bloody drive!!
    i got into an accident with a truck before , but it wasnt my fault or the trucks fault. it was a stupid driver who pushed me into a stopped truck!

    • aaa says:

      A lot of people use the buses, if you take them away and all those people get cars instead you’ve just created more traffic, gj

    • Eve says:

      Have you ever tried getting on the bus? try that … then talk… If cars can do that then why not busses…
      A lot of people use cars causing heavy traffic on the road… buses get stuck in this very same traffic… Buses stop so many times, makes most passengers impatient (the traffic does not help)… Drivers are paid low… Bus drivers are harassed – no one does anything about that… (Passengers in the busses are harassed too)
      They should just make a separate lane for busses (I bet that you’ll see cars driving on that too), have fines for busses too (not an issue) but ensure that the drivers and passengers have a comfortable safe journey (get rid of the hooligans on the busses, introduce a main control room kind of system where drivers can report to the control room is there is any unusual incident or if a bus is late) – in short public transport system has to be developed… it would reduce the traffic… and you would not see traffic jams as much… and eventually lesser people will use the emergency lanes to just get by…

      • Sunny says:


      • ahem ahem says:

        like like

      • Insight says:


      • berry says:

        you miss read my statment about do people use busses *aaa* i wassaying that they give everyone a liecence in this country , not that no one uses buses * trust me ive seen alot of people using buses but ive also seen alot of damn people getting liecences like candy!*

        eve, why would you want to get on a bus in the middle of the road? thats just plain lazy on your side cause your not going to the bus stop * which was built for exactly that* and i never said anything about people being harrased , but i can relate to it cause ive seen alot of people harrasing taxi drivers. but if your going to stop in the middle of the road cause some idiot doesnt want to walk the extra lenght to the bus stop then you got a problem.

        and if you had read my comment more acuratly you would have seen * get rid of stupid taxi,truck and forigne drivers* werw only 1 million kuwaitis the other million are people from abroad, so lets say 1.5 million have liecences! in such a small country. atleast india and vhina are bigger countries.

        to get rid of the jam in kuwait they should stop give everyone a liecence * like i wrote above every tom , dick and harry* instead of that they raise the prices of the car * like wtf is that about*

        they put a new law people from abroad have to get a salary of atleast 500 kd to get a liecence but with a simple * baba aby liecence* they get it. so what should kuwait really do? remove half the people who have liecence who dont get 500 kd salary * thats thepoint they put that rule in anyway* and stop giving wasta licenes to every babu and nabu

        • Eve says:

          trust me getting a KD500 salary does not make u a better driver…
          my reaction was more to the “why do we need buses in kuwait anyway?”
          n as far as i’m concerned i stick to the rules… thats why i do not have a license as yet (they want degrees, they want KD 400 salary, and they want 2 years Kuwait residence)..n i dont try to jump into buses in the middle of the road… but i have been given a warning at work for missing my bus and reaching late because the next bus came 45 minutes later since it was stuck in traffic…
          ur not looking at the source of the problem or the big picture…
          u want to get the water tanks of the road.. what about the garbage trucks? you wouldnt want that wud u? think of walking into the shower n half way through theres no water coming…. :o

  7. Security Adviser says:

    Wow give the police a cookie… Hmmph giving the offending drivers tickets!!

    How many of those will be wasta written off?? What they need to do is confiscate the car and the driver should have his licence suspended. Matter of fact they should make the driver walk home. That will teach these bastards not to do it. Whats a yellow piece of paper to some one who has enough wasta to actually have the guts to break the law and drive on an emergency lane?? Be it an expatriate or a Kuwaiti? Both have wasta in equal measure now a days!!

    As for Bus drivers and half trucks doing the same?? some one mentioned deporting the bastards!!! Yeah do that.

    Matter of fact make it an immediate deportation offence for expatriate drivers if caught driving on the E lane. As for the Kuwaitis since you cant deport them; confiscate and auction of their vehicles and suspend their driver’s licence for life or if not for at least 10 years.

    That ladies and gentlemen will act as a proper deterrent for these assholes. Not giving traffic tickets just so that they can complete their their traffic fine quota for the month to add towards their yearly bonus benefits.

    • Rehab says:

      I hope you are not security adviser in real life. You swear a lot and have illogical solutions such as 10 years ban and deportation !

      • bob_baxter says:

        It is not an illogical solution. You have to make the punishment hurt. People that feel they are so important as to be able to skip past everyone waiting paitently in a que are the worst kinds of people. They make life so difficult for the other 90% of people.
        I have a strong belief that so many people die in car accidents here partly because they can not get emergency vehicles to the crash site in time because of this. I have seen ambulances and police cars stuck in traffic with everyone else because the emergency lanes are totally blocked by these ignorant fools.

        • Rehab says:

          Are you going to drive buses or major private transport if expats are set to deport !
          Violation yalla deport, so 90% of drivers does violation in one or other way ! You want all of them to get deport and ban driving !

          What you want to see in Kuwait town ?
          Red Dead Redemption Kuwait versoin in Camels

  8. Rehab says:

    Bus drivers (51 number) has got 1.5 hours to complete their one route, no matter how much the traffic is. It is the management which puts stress on them. Sometime to reach on time, they shift passenger middle of the road.

    The only reason, they take wrong turns, shortcuts (between the deserts, emergency lane) because they want to reach on time due to high traffic in Jleeb and Farwaniya bridges.

    If they reach late, their salary is deducted.

    There is completely other side of this story.

  9. gnlstryker says:

    The @$$holes with big cars like Tahoe with heavy tints just recklessly push through the traffic and they pass red lights without any thought that they are endangering other innocent peoples lives.

    Law should be equally applied to everyone, otherwise there is no use. Kuwait is becoming like a bull**** country everyday!

    If any of you had the chance to pass by any ladies colleges here, you will see shit load of traffic just because uneducated youths want to hit on these ladies.

  10. Jassoom says:

    Where is the post about the Lenotre dinner with Kim Kardashian? Did you end up not going?

  11. Ashraf says:

    POlice cant be present everywhere.. even if they were.. they can only shout out harrak harrak in this heavy traffic…
    evergency lanes are next to the fast lane… cops are usually standing next to the slow lane..

    either make cops wait in the emergency lane…

    or make a system, where civilians would be able to click n send pics of the vehicles using emergency lanes.. and then take action.

    or use road monitoring cameras to impose fines..

  12. Tim says:

    Question: Are there any requirements for Kuwaitis to get driver’s licenses? Any educational requirements? Reason I ask is because of all the countries I’ve been in(33) Kuwait is the absolute worst in drivers.

    Cops do nothing. Rules and regulations do nothing without enforcement. Do most drivers even know what the normal rules and regulations are?

    It is no wonder to me that Kuwait has the highest per capita death rate on the road. People here, no all Kuwaitis, have this “me first and me only” mentality on the road that I’ve not seen this bad anywhere else.

    Maybe as some have suggested some very harsh measures need to be taken for a while until people understand that others are on the road too!!

  13. Security Adviser says:

    Hmm seems like I have stirred a hornets nest in the “bleeding hearts of Matahari camp” Rehab cried and Mouse Potato agreed with her for the offending drivers saying that they have to break the law coz if they dont then the management will dock their pay.So that means what exactly ?? All the rest of us hardworking honest office workers who dont break the law and dont drive on E-lanes WONT BE LATE FOR WORK?? And our bosses WONT dock our pay??

    If thats your logic then why should we honest hard workers and followers of the law wait in our traffic jammed lanes?? Why cant we ALL just say F*** it and go ahead and drive in the E-lanes?? I too can say hey I am late for work !! My boss is gonna kick my ass and dock my pay if I am late again.

    What is so special about the those law breaking drivers offices and their timings that allows them to brazenly break the rules while we wait in line?

    Its a proven theory only effective punishment can and will deter people from breaking the law!

    Now I didn’t say deport every one willy nilly! Only those who break certain laws that endanger people’s lives. This includes breaking a red light, driving like a maniac on the freeways just coz you have a fast car, and driving on E-lanes meant specifically for emergency vehicles only.

    Mark my words you deport 10 you will deter a 100. Same for nationals;You suspend and confiscate the vehicles of 10 Kuwaitis who break traffic laws without bias and you will stop a 100.

    Do it and publicize it. Word of it will spread like wild fire!!!

    Imagine a conversation between two expats in a coffee shop that starts like this
    Guess what Joe XYZ was deported yesterday. What ?? Really?? Why?? How? What did he do ?? The idiot was caught by the cops speeding down the 30 on the E lane!! Shit really?? The MOI is serious about that law?? I thought it was just a law for the books. Apparently not. Plus his car was impounded too. Wow car was impounded as well?? Looks like MOI are serious about the driving on E-lane issue.. Damnn I aint going to drive on a E-lane no matter what…. I love this place and I dont want get deported !! I can afford to be late rather than be stuck in cell waiting to get deported.

    At the same time in a diwaniya somewhere in the country a couple of Kuwaitis are discussing how Hammoudi’s brand new GT3 just got impounded and his licence suspended for 10 years coz he was driving his Porsche like a maniac on the freeway off and on the E-lane plus he broke a red light. Yeah but isn’t he from the XYZ family?? Didn’t matter!! Didn’t matter which family he came from or high his wasta meter went. Still got his ass kicked by the MOI.

    Now everyone in that diwaniya also knows and word spreads to other from that circle.

    In both scenarios who have ensured that a reason not to break the law or at least think twice before you do has come up.

    A hundred deportees, A 100 confiscated cars & A 100 ten year suspended licences later the results will speak for them selves ‘ie’No more IDIOTS aka assholes be it expat or otherwise driving on the E lanes!!or breaking the traffic laws.

    There is meaning behind the saying “Dont want to get burnt?? Then dont mess around with fire Asshole!!!

    Of course MOI has to grow some and man up before they can implement anything. Otherwise you will see what they do best Discriminate!!! Deport the expats and let the rest go. And please do not tell me that the majority of accidents and deaths are due to expat drivers.

  14. Security Adviser says:

    By the way Rehab your statement 90% of drivers commit traffic violation is bit of a stretch not to mention it reflects what an impotent force the KMOI is. 30 to 45% is more in the ball park and yes if they do these percentages of idiotic drivers of the roads I’d be one very happy camper for 2 reasons.

    A- Coz they are off the road
    B- Their absence on the roads will create a whole lot less congestion and we ALL will be able to get to work on time and not have our bosses dock our pay; these include your poor little bus drivers ;-)

  15. Security Adviser says:

    .. if they do remove these percentages……

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