Everyone Needs a Battery Booster!

Post by Mark

I’ve already posted about my portable lithium jump starter before but now that I’ve used it so much I can’t emphasize how important it is to have one in your car.

Lithium jump starters are small lithium battery packs that you connect to your car’s battery when dead to help restart the car. Just this week I used my booster to jump start four different cars, one for a friend and the other three were complete strangers. It’s so easy and quick to use, the whole process from me asking if they need help to me jump starting their cars takes around 2-3 minutes.

If you don’t have one in your car you should really consider getting one, check out my previous post with more details [Here]

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  1. blackswan says:

    How did you get it shipped to Kuwait? Posta Plus is telling me NO-NO, batteries are not allowed :(.

    • Mark says:

      I used PostaPlus since they have no issues shipping batteries. Here is the email they sent to their customers:

      Dear Valued Customers,

      MyBox is willing to ship Lithium Batteries from USA to your destination. You have no problem with purchasing a Power Bank, Lithium Battery for your device. There will be extra charges of 10.00 American Dollar for handling dangerous goods per item.

      For more information, please contact our customer service.

      Terms and conditions are applied.

      Thank you for using MYBOX.

      • blackswan says:

        Thanks Mark, seems I have to find the right person on the other end of the line or pay them a visit. Until now I only get NO as answer from them.

  2. Yousef says:

    I agree 💯, especially for a harsh place like Kuwait. I brought on over in my carryon returning to Kuwait after summer vacation. I used it a number of times over the next year on my car and lending it out to others.

  3. dude says:

    Is it safe to keep in the car in Kuwait’s heat?

    • Mark says:

      i’ve read that its fine, and I’ve read that its not fine. The brand I got is great, cheaper brands might not be as reliable to keep in the trunk I guess.

      I’ve had mine in the trunk since day one and it’s survived. It wouldn’t make sense not to be able to store it in the car since what would be the purpose of having it home the next time your car battery dies.

  4. bu3amraz says:

    i totally agree, however, I tried two different ones, borrowed from friends, but none of them was able to fire up my classic range rover, it gave a light in the ignition then both died, the car and the battery, ever since I was looking for a really good brand to try. then im gonna replace my car’s battery.

    if you would like to add a 4th stranger to your post, be my guest ?:) im in rumaithiya, my pleasure.


    • Mark says:

      There are different sized battery boosters, mine for example can handle engine sizes up to 6L so the ones you tried might have had a smaller capacity and so not enough to start your Range Rover.

      Which Range Rover do you have? If it’s the one I think you’re talking about (first generation) I can come by you.

      • Bu3amraz says:

        Hmmm then probably thats what happened, i went by amp power, battery is a 110 a 12v so so thought it would work, but think think its by engine size.

        I do have the 1st gen range rover, but not that one that im concerned about, instead the 2nd gen 1999 p38. 4.6 engine – ur most than welcome, shall i send u dm on insta ? For The address ?

  5. BlarneyBob says:

    It’s just a nicely packaged teeny lit ion batt with super capacitors :-)

  6. Noel says:

    Have one too. The great feeling you get after helping a total stranger in his time of need is so rewarding. Thanks Mark.

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