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Lets Ban Everything!

Over the weekend the ‏Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that the importing of car exhaust systems would be banned. Like every normal person, I also hate it when I’m sitting somewhere quiet only to have some asshole in a Silvarado pickup truck with a modified exhaust system rev his engine loud as if he’s about to take part in a drag race. But, banning the import of exhausts doesn’t solve this issue!

Why is it that every time there is any sort of problem the first solution is to apply an outright ban? People are riding electric scooters on the street? Let’s ban that. Some expats are using their private pickups for commercial work? Let’s ban them from owning pickup trucks. People might have sex in the back seat of their cars if we allow dark window tinting? Ban that! Instead of taking a bit of time to think of a proper solution, things just get banned and that sucks.

Firstly lets be clear about something, banning the import of car exhausts doesn’t solve the issue of people being loud with their cars. There are a lot of ways to make your current exhaust existing system loud and it’s easy and cheap to do. You can for example remove your car’s catalytic converter or your muffler and that would make your car really loud. You can cut holes in your muffler and that will also make your exhaust loud. You can even go to a local exhaust shop and have him fabricate you a cheap exhaust with the purpose of being loud if you want. There are lots of options without having to import an exhaust system from abroad.

I’ve personally imported two exhaust systems and both times it had nothing to do with making my car louder. The first exhaust I ordered was for my first Lotus, I didn’t like the way the stock exhaust looked like so I ordered a new one with carbon fiber tips (pictured on top). It didn’t make my car any louder and it came with a valve similar to the factory system that would stay closed for normal use and keep the car quiet. I simply ordered the exhaust for looks. The second time I ordered an exhaust system was for my 1972 Datsun 240Z which is currently in the final stages of restoration. The exhaust that came on the car was a poor quality aftermarket exhaust that was in terrible condition, so I ordered a new high-quality hand made exhaust all the way from Japan (cost me around 600KD and pictured below) to try and keep my restoration authentic. I know people who order exhausts for performance reasons as well, some exhaust systems add horsepower to the car and some are lighter and reduce the overall weight of the car.

More importantly though, what is considered loud in the first place? In Europe and other parts of the world, cars have noise limits that are measured in decibels. It’s not based on some cop’s opinion of what he thinks is loud, it’s actually a specific db number that if your car exceeds is then considered illegal. When they started cracking down on cars with loud exhausts last week nobody mentioned any db limit, just that people with “loud” exhaust would be fined and possibly have their cars impounded. But loud could mean one thing to one person and another thing to another.

Anyway, like every new law that gets announced in Kuwait, this will probably last a couple of weeks before it’s forgotten about and everything goes back to normal, so maybe I shouldn’t be so frustrated with this.

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Those with the really high end cars wont have much of an issue. They’ll just carnet their car to Bahrain or UAE and bring it back with a custom exhaust. So, the rich are unaffected.
The others will find loop holes like maybe bring it in parts at a time and then install it.
As with everything in life, humans will find a way. Lol

Thank god something is being addressed on this issues. Motherfuckers driving up and down Salmiya reviving their engines showing off their bullshit cars that are paid for by their daddy. What do the think people are gonna start doing, jumping out of windows, clapping, cheering them? Girls kicking off their heels running down the street all wet from the sound of a loud exhaust. Sad, pathetic cunt fuckers. We are a young family and our kids are sleeping, and these dirt bags driving around all night, drink juice and playing their shitty arabic music. Feel sorry for these losers, nothing else to live for but driving around 2 in the morning.

I find it ironic how Kuwiati areas have no noise signss between certain times of the day/night, yet everywhere else in Kuwait (aka Expat areas) have nothing.

And BTW I am Kuwaiti, so dont give me shit about Salmiya…us Kuwaitis do live outside the 1st and 2nd ring road BTW

Agree, nothing will be done, people will still be disrespectful and inconsiderate.

We all want the issue to be addressed but banning the import of exhaust systems isn’t addressing it.

I have no idea what’s going through the mind of a guy stuck in traffic reving his engine loud, but because of those idiots, we shouldn’t all have to suffer the consequences.

Maybe using the Whatsapp number for traffic violations should solve half the issue. One or more people must record a video of these guys causing noise, dust and air pollution on the streets causing disturbance and inconvenience to others, and send it on the traffic violations whatsapp number. Goes without saying that the number plates of these vehicles must be reported through the video and those vehicle owners must be fined for a painful sum of money. It’s not going to be long before Daddies realize the financial burden their kids are causing!!! Although some of us prefer throwing stones at these cars while they are messing up the peace!!! *wink*

And what assurance does an expat have that he will not face “wasta-related consequences” for reporting violations? Whatsapp ain’t anonymous after all!

And before you jump on the argument train, let me cite an example of a friend (Expat lady) who had complained about unfair business practices (overcharging, delayed delivery etc.) of a local food business, and got a court case + travel ban in return for that.

Your last bit made no sense. Your friend reported a restaurant to the consumer protection agency and then got slapped with a lawsuit and travel ban for doing so?

Cant help it if it didnt make sense, I was just citing a real case. She didnt complain to the Consumer Protection Agency (in hindsight, should have!). Instead, she reached out to the owner to complain about the restaurant staff’s malpractice and attitude.

She wasnt expecting refund, just an amicable resolution, maybe an apology. Instead, she learnt it a few weeks later at the airport that there was a travel ban due to a court case slapped on by the said business owner.

First paragraph – Good point. So my ‘Stoning’ idea sounds better. LOL.
Second paragraph – Not really convinced. But anyway, that’s not the point of discussion on this thread.

Thanks for addressing the ancient practice of banning anything and everything dangerous/inconvenient to regulators/caused some problem.

I still remember when the Skyline & Z were banned because many young guys died because of speeding, also poorly converted RHD cars were banned because they caused some accidents in the early 90’s.

The answer for tinitng, loud exhaust, car modifications problems is easy, set clear and specific standards which should be followed. banning will never solve the issue.

For loud exhaust, any policeman can be given a Db meter (which costs no more than 6 kd) and can measure the noise levels. If its higher than 95db (which the legal limit in most countries) impoud the car/ penalise the driver. Same thing for tinting and other modifications.

It’s normally the bypass system to the muffler (remote operated) that creates the loud exhaust noise, not someone that has a passion for their car, wishing to import a bespoke exhaust system due to lack of availability here in Kuwait, and takes care of their car (not truck). Ban the bypass system.

On a separate note, when will Kuwait have a proper vehicle technical inspection system? Seriously, it’s just a joke at the mo, although not funny that there are so many vehicles on the road that are simply unroadworthy and thus dangerous. A good way to catch the illegally modified exhausters also.

Bypass systems aren’t the issue 🤦🏼‍♂️ bypass systems are installed in cars when installing after market exhausts mainly to keep the decibel level low when needed. They also come in sports cars from the factory. My Lotus comes with a bypass system install from factory. In normal use the valve is closed and car barely makes a sound, when the RPM exceeds 4,500 then the valve opens and the car gets louder. I also have a button I can press that can open the valves and make my car louder if I wanted to.

Again there are different meaning to loudness which is why there needs to be a db limit. Europe is very strict to the point even some racetracks have Db limits.

Appreciate the factory fitted bypasss systems that conform to automotive sound limits, which are in place around the world, but the ones you can have fitted here in Kuwait definitely do not.

🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ I don’t think you understand what a bypass system is. Some exhausts are fitted with valves that open and close. When open they let out more gasses out but also make them louder. Bypass systems just tell it to stay open or stay closed.

Very familiar with exhaust bypass systems. The bypass systems fitted (modified) to the trucks and some cars here are what’s making most of the noise on the roads. What – you thought they had bespoke stainless steel/titanium exhaust systems making that crappy racket?? It’s a cheap and nasty bypass system that diverts exhaust gasses out centrally, before the mid box or its resonator. Therefore, the exhaust gas exit before passing through 1, maybe 2 mufflers, and with it most of the noise also. You wouldn’t know that the vehicle’s exhaust had been modified as the vehicles normally carry the original tailpipes etc. With a factory fitted bypass system, the opening/closing of the valves are somewhat more restrained, placed within the rear silencer so to conform with noise legislation.

yeah, i know thats what google pops up as the first option to what bypass is but thats one kind of bypass. What a lot of people here do is install an electric bypass to override the factory system (which opens and closes the valve depending on the RPM) so they can choose to keep it completely open if they want and make their exhaust louder. Also for 200kd (the cost of what u linked to) people swap out their mufflers and install one that’s louder and also has an electric bypass so they can keep it quiet for the cops or open it up to be loud.

But this argument isn’t important because we all agree that these jerks are annoying no matter how they go about making their exhaust loud. The issue is banning doesn’t solve the problem.

Why is everybody shocked or surprised ? Kuwait is a place that makes no sense, creates laws that make no sense & im making all the sense

On that note, what is the logic behind the new departure ‘tax’ of KD 3 and arrival ‘tax’ of KD 2 per passenger (or is it per ticket)?

there’s a thing called “regulation” by which you legally permit something between supermarket shelf sale and outright ban.
that does not exist in kuwait, because regulating things is banned.

Four paragraphs about this? Musta triggered you. I understand where you’re coming from though. I personally concur with this decision.

Since National/Liberation Day is right around the corner, I hope the country can also do something about those kids terrorizing us with their water guns. They actually stopped using regular water guns a while ago and are now using water grenades and hydro cannons.

One asshole kid ran out of everything and just started throwing large water bottles at my windshield. His mom stood right there and did nothing.

When people justify this disgusting behavior with “they’re just celebrating their country’s independence”, I’m like “they’re celebrating their country’s independence by attacking the crap out of everyone?!”

Look who just got triggered LOL

I think they’re like all the other sports cars, they have valves which open and close. So normal use they don’t sound that loud but at higher RPMs or when u put the car in sports mode they open up and are loud.

“Motherfuckers driving up and down the street playing their shity music and revving up their engines at 2AM ”

Complaining about it is useless because no one will listen.

If the government is really serious about doing something about this they should put plain clothes cops in unmarked cars parked at different points of well known streets where there is a history of these guys doing this shit .

Mugera bin Shouba street and Gulf Road are just two examples. Catch them in the act and make examples of them. Maybe then people will learn not to do stupid stuff like that. Also lets not forget the idiots on dirt bikes and quads doing wheelies on the same roads

Maybe it would be wiser to ban loud cars in public places after dark? I don’t understand how people lived decades ago not easily bothered by loud cars,loud airplanes and cigarette smoke.
I think they should ban whiners instead.

sorry mark, but you don’t have the right to wake up your neighborhood every time start your super sexy car. Try going to a racing track, it might be a better idea.

lol idiot, my car is parked 3 floors underground, not only doesn’t it wake up anyone every time I start the car but the car isn’t even considered loud. Europeans and European carmakers have VERY STRICT noise level regulations they need to adhere to. It’s why car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and others have to resort to pumping artificial exhaust sound into the car via the stereo speakers. Get your facts straight.,noise%20test%20method%20for%20vehicles.

Am relieved to know that my family and I are not the only ones suffering because of the non-Kuwaiti Arab guys who rev their pickup, sports car, buggy and motorbikes as if they own the place.
It’s just not possible to record the number plate as it’s hard enough to record the video after being woken from sleep.
If this is rampant, authorities must be on the watch to nab these miscreants. Last year I had to do a complete paint job for my car because at the car passing they saw a small faded patch on the roof.


“non-Kuwaiti Arab guys…”

I see what ya did there! I’m totally sure these fine upstanding Kuwaiti men would NEVER do this!

I don’t live in a Kuwaiti residential area and these guys are definitely expats. They also have their ‘gang’ which almost went to exchange blows with another. Sometimes I wish there were CCTV cameras installed. Such ‘strong’ guys would never dare to do the same in their country (if they had one).

If I had to take a guess as to why such laws are passed, I’d contribute it to laziness/stubborness as well as a pure lack of problem solving skills and foresight by these lawmakers.
There are so many things that they need to address, but instead they focus on trivial matters and only worry about the here and now.

I hate the state our country has come to. Walla it makes me so sad to see so many silly decisions being made that negatively impact Kuwait. Kuwait is already a shell of what it once was as a leader in the GCC, and I’m seriously worried that in 5-10 years Kuwait will be even worse unless some drastic measures are taken.

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