MOI Installing New Smarter Speed Cameras

Yesterday the Ministry of Interior announced they would be installing new smarter speed cameras around Kuwait. The new cameras are pretty high-tech and can detect things like illegal turns, cars blocking pedestrian walkways, people using their phones while driving, and even spotting if you have a seatbelt on or not.

One of the things I hate the most is driving behind someone going super slow on the fast lane because they’re texting or taking a selfie so I hope they install a ton of these new cameras all around Kuwait.

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I have a classic car and the seatbelt is pretty much airplane-style and not like the modern ones… how in the world would that work ?

2 rolls-Royce silvershadows 1975 and 1976…1971 el camino ..1973 ford ranchero I’m also trying to get my hands on an old camper VW

import’ l honestly feel stupid if I bought anything from here everything overpriced… i get everything on no reserve auction sales/estate auctions

for the camper, I’m going to hopefully find one and customize it at the same time

It’s sad that Kuwait spends so much money on everything related to the roads, like, speed cameras, new Police cars, new traffic fines etc, but doesn’t really focus on the up keep of the existing roads themselves. I had been to Bahrain recently and could not come across a single road that had a pothole, broken barrier, patched up tar job, broken signage, missing cat eyes etc., which are all such common sights here. If countries like Bahrain or Oman, which have a smaller Oil production volume and revenue, can keep their roads spruced up, why can’t Kuwait do the same? Roads are the first thing an outsider sees when they visit Kuwait and goes a long way in boosting the country’s image.

I wonder how it can detect people using their phones. The phone isn’t directly visible to the camera if it’s held below the dash. I could briefly be looking down at my pants for example and if that’s the criteria, then the camera could register that as phone usage. I’m sure it can be fined tuned though, and maybe there will be a manual review process by a human before the driver is penalised.

They installed these a few years ago in Dubai, and literally overnight, road behavior was transformed. Now driving in Dubai is a pleasure. Hopefully the same will happen here.

People need to sleep and not wake up only to hear Nissan Patrols, GMC Sierras, and Toyota Landcruisers popping their loud and unnecessary exhausts at 2AM. These are set at higher decibel ‘louder’ level settings.

I would not mind the noise of a V12 Ferrari or something that deserves an exhaust. But seriously – who is kidding with the exhausts on one of the cars mentioned above just to be obnoxiously loud.

Also, it’s not the place to do it – be loud where there aren’t any people sleeping – go crazy. Just not in front of people’s homes at night waking up Babies and Adults.

Totally agree.
2am, and some idiot makes so much noise I can hear it on the other side of the building. I would take away their cars and their license. Really, I don’t understand whatever makes them think it’s ok to that. How self centered do you have to be?

There are whole empty deserts out there, and they choose to cause a disturbance in residential areas? Seriously?! 😡😤

I think the catching mobile usage through cameras is a definitely a hoax.. maybe spread to deter offenders (good if it actually deters them). There is no way the camera can detect mobile usage unless it is monitored by a human being

Different countries have different purposes for cameras. In some places like the UK the cameras are hidden to try and catch speeders. In other countries cameras are visible and highlighted to prevent people from speeding. Kuwait has cameras to try and prevent people from speeding which is why cameras are not hidden or disguised and why you find signs warning of them.

I might be wrong but i believe the camera ahead boards came following the high number of accidents due to people trying to suddenly brake while attempting to slow down instantly.

Speed Cameras in the UK are never hidden. By law there must be a sign displayed ahead of a camera informing the driver that they are approaching a camera along with the speed limit. Also, the cameras are always painted in florescent yellow to make it clearer for the driver to see.


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