The New Corvette is Finally Here

The all-new Corvette was meant to launch in Kuwait back in May, but due to the pandemic and slow down in production, that didn’t happen. But, they’re now finally here.

The first shipment of Corvettes arrived to the dealership a couple of days ago and they’ve all been pre-sold already. If you want to check them out in person though they currently have them parked in the basement of their Al-Rai dealership until they’re picked up by their new owners. The new Corvette starts at KD22,000.

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It works if you go from the main page.

If you open the classifieds and then try to navigate to Kuwestions, it takes you to the domain (which is not working right now)

It looks like a Lotus replica. Very old fashioned 2000s design. I think corvette was at its highest during the muscle car era. I always wanted 69 Stingray but they went from 2k kd to 20k in the past decade.

The front part definitely looks like Lotus Exige. Pardon my old fashioned taste, but when i compare modern sport cars i feel like a person who can’t tell the difference between whopper and cheeseburger. They taste slightly different but look almost the same:) Maybe its all safety related stuff that forces car manufacturers to make similar looking cars?

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