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@traffic_kw is Great!

The General Dept of Traffic instagram account @traffic_kw should really be turned into a series of some sort like the show COPS. They’re very active and constantly posting videos of cars usually racing or drifting and then pictures of the cars impounded. In some of their videos, they’ve even had footage from inside the cop cars chasing people and it’s all pretty entertaining to watch.

If there is one government Instagram account to follow this would be it. So if you haven’t checked it out click here.

Note: They’ve got similar videos on their YouTube channel as well but their Instagram videos seem higher resolution. Link

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Is there any way you can provide them, traffik_kwt, with your own video from the dash cam and will they take any actions based on that?

been there… done that… not sure anyone is taking any action as I haven`t get a reply until now.
Have you or anyone got a proper reply from them, like sending you a picture of the vehicle you reported being impounded or a picture of the fine issued? I`m just curios…

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