Last Standing Entertainment City Structure Demolished

The video above has been circulating WhatsApp showing the observation tower at Entertainment City crashing down as part of the Entertainment City demolition process. I was thinking about the park yesterday on how they could have refurbished it instead of rebuilding a new one from scratch. It wasn’t the best amusement park in the world but at least it had a history and character. Not everything needs to be completely demolished for a new version. Disney Land has been around since 1955 and is still very current, Coney Island amusement park has been around even longer since the late 1800s and has gone through various stages of refurbishment and revival.

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It’s ironic that when the iraqi invasion left kuwait in ruins, the universal idea was to repair and rebuild. these buildings and heritage survived THAT, only to be razed now.

You are right about Disneyland, however that park was built to never to stop growing and changing. And even in 1955, it was incredibly well polished and maintained

Them maintaining it and gradually updating it throughout the years has made it remain amazing

Sadly Entertainment City just became too outdated and run down

Awww this is terrible. So many memories so many years so much happiness. The biggest smile we had on our faces knowing we were headed that way. They should have preserved a few land mark points rides to keep those memories alive .

I’m not in Kuwait anymore but it’s really sad to see what happen since Kuwait was my home for 14 years but i just pray that what’s come better from what’s gone.

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