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The Old Rolls Royce Taxi was Found in Saudi!

There’s an old story from back in the 70s about a man who wasn’t dressed well walking into the Rolls Royce dealer in Kuwait to check out the cars. The man asked the salesman how much the car cost and the salesman replied that he wouldn’t be able to afford it. The man left the dealership upset but came up with an idea for payback. A few days later he went to the dealership again and purchased the Rolls Royce. He then registered it as a taxi cab and had it painted orange with a white stripe.

The man then put the taxi into service and was regularly picking up passengers and he even used to park it in front of the dealership just to mess with them even more. Eventually the dealership reached out to the man apologizing to him and offered to buy back the car from him and give him a more expensive one in return.

The man accepted and he handed the orange Rolls Royce to the dealership and got a new one in return. The orange Rolls was thought to have been repainted back to its original color and then resold, but, the car was recently found at a scrapyard in Khafji, Saudi Arabia, complete in its original orange paint and still had the original red license plates!

That’s pretty insane! You can check out the video by Bin Zuayd on YouTube embeded above or visit his Instagram account @khalid_eisaa to watch it there.

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There is a similar story about an Indian maharaja who got kicked out a Rolls dealership in London. He ended up buying 6 Rolls to be used for garbage collection in his city. I googled the story and his name was Nawab of Bahawalpur Sadiq Mohammad Khan V. I’d love to know the name of that Kuwaiti guy, because his actions are also very impressive.

Nawab of Bahawalpur Sadiq Mohammad Khan V was a simple and self-made personality. During his stay in London, one day he went on a walk in a simple dress. There he saw a car showroom of internationally famed Rolls-Royce. He liked the cars and tried to enter the showroom to inquire about the prices. However, he was stopped by the guard and was not allowed to enter and said that “these cars are not in your access”.

Nawab Sadiq returned to his hotel after this incident. Later on, he came again with his full royal protocol and a contingent of servants. He purchased all six Rolls Royce cars present in the showroom. After purchasing these cars, he ordered his servants that these cars should be sent to Bahawalpur and handed over to the municipality.

He also ordered that the municipality should start cleaning and lifting garbage from these cars. When Rolls-Royce Care started lifting garbage in Bahawalpur, the news spread all over the world as wildfire. Due to this, the prices of Rolls-Royce cars started falling all over the world, and the image of the automobile brand was also damaged massively.

The situation worsened for the company, as a result, the owner of Rolls-Royce reached Bahawalpur and apologized to Nawab Sadiq Mohammad Khan V. He gave him a written apology and requested not to use Rolls-Royce for lifting garbage.

Nawab Sadiq accepted their apology and ordered to remove Rolls-Royce cars for the work of garbage lifting. The owner of the company also gifted six cars to the Nawab of Bahawalpur. Nawab Sadiq gifted one of these six cars the to Saudi King who visited Pakistan. It was the first Rolls-Royce car that ran on the roads of Saudi Arabia.


This is amazing! But it’s sad to see it in such a rough state, would be amazing if it was fixed up to look the way it did back in the day

I actually don’t mind the shape at all! I’m so surprised it survived with its original paint and plates! Keep in mind this story took place in the 70s and we had the invasion where everything was ransacked. The fact the car still exists is a miracle.

So what happened to the guy who owned the taxi? Did he ride the taxi? And how much was the fare?

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