26th Tree Removed

The other day I was walking in old Salmiya and noticed they had removed another tree, the 26th one on the street. And yes, I’ve been keeping count. Previously, 25 large trees had been removed when they turned the street into a pedestrian-only one and I posted about that here.

It was bound to happen since whoever worked on the project decided it was a good idea to bring the road right next to the tree and I guess the low-hanging branches might have been causing an issue with traffic so they removed the tree. I still don’t understand why they couldn’t have kept all the trees and integrated them into the street like the tree in the picture above?

There is still a line of trees left which I’m expecting to be removed any day now, I should probably take pictures from now so I could post before and after photos once they remove them.

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Mark, are you sure this tree was felled ? I too noticed it but I thought this was uprooted due to heavy winds.

I would be happy if by every removed, cut down tree, they planted another one. Sad, sad situation. Kuwait is in diré need of vegetation. Will somebody in power, please step up!!

Whoever came up with the entire design of the space has no sense of design. At least he did not do his homework and study the history of the area before planting the barahat salem!

I guess they using the trees to create the same 20 posters one behind the other to annoy motorists. Well at least I guess they recycling.

And I tried sending an emails to ENVIRONMENTAL PUBLIC AUTHORITIES to plant trees in the empty grounds next to my area in Salmiya, but nothing happened ! So , I am doing it myself , hope it will be successful !!

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